Tracy McGrady in Asia


Aw, Here It Goes!
Yo this is T-MAC and I just arrived in Seoul for my third straight summer adidas T-MAC Asia Tour. Over the next seven days I will visit Seoul (South Korea), Guangzhou (China), Manila (Philippines) and Hong Kong. Every year I look forward to coming to Asia, the fans over here show me so much love. Last season my jersey was the top selling jersey in Asia, so I know they have a love for me and what I do and that is what makes these trips truly special.


A Darker Knight
wow. I kind of expected that since he's like a duo with Yao and all, but that's just how I think. I wonder if there are any other NBA players who're a hit in Asia besides the obvious ones like Yao and McGrady

Tracy McGrady

Is it just me, or doesn T-mac look like he has a Washington Nationals hat on in the video on


I too was expecting a little Yao and Mcgrady tandem. I think that would be a great marketing ordeal, at least for the NBA.

I think they have different shoe deals, so it wouldn't work out in that regard.