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Movies Tracks (2013)


aka ginger warlock
It is very rare these days that I come out of a film and want to talk about it right away. This afternoon I saw "Tracks" in the theatre and went straight onto IMDb to comment on it, it makes me believe in cinema a little more. Here is the trailer:

Tracks (2013)

To give a brief outline it is the true story of Robyn Davidson walking from Western Australia to the Indian Ocean only accompanied by her dog Diggity who is a true character and set piece in his own right. She is closely followed Rick Smolan who is taking photos of the journey for national geographic.

I really want to talk about this film more but to discuss it and what happens would take away why this film is so wonderful to begin with, you just have to watch it and let it envelope you. It is witty, upbeat, tragic, inspiring and heart breaking. If this film does not win an award for Cinematography there is no justice.