Trackpants or Jeans?


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Usually I wear Jeans everywhere but trackpants certainly aren't uncommon for me, I wear them around the house, or when I go running and it's cold outside, or maybe just for warming up for a hard run.

I'd say that jeans are more common for me though because I wear them to school almost every day.


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At work I wear trousers.

When I go out so see mates and social gatherings I'll always wear jeans. I love slipping on my black Levi's.

I do wear trackies alot, infact always round the house, along with some shorts.

I'm either out or at work so I'd say I prefer jeans.


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It used to be jeans for me, would wear them all the time, but not I have gotten into the trackies stage, mainly because I have been spending all my down time relaxing, and they are good for that.


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When I was younger it was always track pants, I hated to wear jeans, but after High School, I started wearing jeans and now that's almost all I wear. Its between jeans or jogging pants.