Trackpants or Jeans?


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What do you prefer to wear?

I like both, but I always wear jeans, I've got this awesome pair of jeans that I fell in love with the day I saw them, had them for ages now, as for trackies, I wear them around the house or when I am going down to the shops.


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Here often the only people that wear tracksuit trousers are known as 'Neds' or 'Chavs.' Not really a title I'd want.
I never know what to call them so I'll go with the American 'sweatpants.' I wear those round the house, mainly when I'm having a slumpy day. But most days I wear jeans.


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I pretty much only wear jeans. To me trackpants and sweatpants are different, but I don't really wear either of them. I just find jeans more comfortable and a better look for my style and body type.
I'm not really a jeans person. Too uncomfortable for me. But I don't really wear trackies much either. I'm mostly a shorts person.
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