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Movies Toy Story 4 'is being worked on'


Sally Twit
Tom Hanks: Toy Story 4 Is 'Being Worked On' - Celebrity Gossip, News & Photos, Movie Reviews, Competitions - Entertainmentwise

Toy Story 4: this is a sequel that can and should be made – Telegraph Blogs

How does everyone feel about this? Apparently many Toy Story fans are upset as they grew up with it and feel it should be left alone.
I was never a huge fan myself but I did enjoy the third one. I didn't see how it could go anywhere. Do we really need to see them get in to another bad situation and escape it to live happily ever after? No.


Registered Member
As long as it's the same characters, it doesn't bother me at all.


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I love the films. I thought three was plenty but if they keep doing the films the way they have been then a 4th wouldn't bother me.


I am the woolrus
I'm a HUGE Toy Story fan but... I'm pretty disappointed by this to be honest. I think the Toy Story trilogy is the greatest trilogy of all time. It's almost flawless really. I was delighted when they managed to wrap it up so well. Andy became an adult, left his toys behind, it was the perfect ending.

Even though Pixar continually make fantastic films (except for Cars 1 & 2) and show no signs of slowing down, i just think they should leave the Toy Story trilogy as the amazing piece of work that it is. I'm incredibly worried that they'll blemish it somehow with a movei that might be sub par.

It's definitely not confirmed by what Tom Hanks said, but if it does turn out to be true i really hope more than any other film that it doesn't disappoint!


A Darker Knight
Instant No Button! Star Wars funnies FTW!

I think it ended on a good note. People are going to see it because it's Toy Story, but diehard fans might not necessarily include it with the "original 3" or treat it as a separate story from the first 3.


I heard that this is a rumour, just like Finding Nemo 2 was a rumour. Tom Hanks said something in an intereview but it was never confirmed.


aka ginger warlock
Toy Story will be a film I will always love and will always have a place in my heart, I was not so fussed about the second film but I really enjoyed the third one. And that is my problem.

I thought the ending to the third one was very good brought closure to the film and ended the trilogy in a nice way but to be fair how they ended it made me think "yeah, there is going to be another".

If Pixar wish to make a new Toy Story fair enough, its their film and they have the rights to it and if they do it for the right reason and if the story is well put together go for it but if like so many films period of the planet being broke they are simply making this because there is no risk I say don't do it, if Disney have no where to take the story I do not want it to happen.