Movies Toy Story 3 Teaser is Here


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Check it out. Toy Story 3 is finally coming out:

YouTube - Toy Story 3 (Teaser 2009)

Can't really tell much from the preview so far though. Not a bad preview though.

The guy who plays Slink actually died so I was hoping to hear the new guy say something but he didn't say anything really in this. All of the other voices seem to be the same.

This definitely takes me back.
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Omg, I was just going to post this and as I went into movies you had just posted it! So not fair lol.

Oh well, it looks really good and can't wait for it to come out, even if I am going to be 21 when it comes out. Reminds me when I was younger, I loved the movie.


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June 18, 2010? :shocked:

man that is a long way off, but it's definitely one of those movies that I will be seeing in the theaters, I'm expecting it to be an awesome movie after what the first 2 movies delivered.

That was a decent trailer, yeah it brings back good memories, can't wait to see the full movie.


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Wow, I can't believe they're actually doing it. The last Toy Story came out when I was like 10 or 11, that was a long time ago. o_o


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OK so what I'm about to say will probably get me killed but I am not a Toy Story fan. I watched all of the first film and half of the second but I didn't enjoy either. I won't be watching the third film.


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I am a huge fan of the first Toy Story movies, and I cannot wait for the third one to come out. They don't show anything from the movie in the preview which I believe is a good thing since it's coming out in June of next year, but I believe it's going to be the best one yet.


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nice! i loved the first 2 toy story movies and i will DEFINITELY be seeing this one in theatres. It doesnt really take me back that far because ive watched both toy story 1 and 2 within the last 6 months lol