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Movies Toy Story 3 (Review, I guess)


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(There was a thread before, but it was more about the release.)

YouTube - Toy Story 3 - Official Trailer [HD]

I had seen the first two movies before, and I didn't really enjoy the second one to be honest. But I absolutely loved this movie. It felt a lot more like the first movie than the third. Andy, the boy from the first two, is going off to college, so this movie hit me right at home, as I'm going off the college in the fall. It made the movie that much better to watch and that more emotional.

The characters in the movie, and the backstory of some of the newer characters is very well done. You actually start to feel for the toys, if something happens to them, which usually doesn't happen for me, only with human characters.

Extreme Spoilers:

The beginning, with all the home videos was a really nice touch and I loved it. I almost started crying right there, remembering the first movie.

The ending, when Andy gives away his toys and is playing with them for the last time with the girl he is giving them to.. I balled my eyes out. It made me miss my toys when I was little, and it made me miss the first movie and just made me miss my entire childhood in general.

The part just before this, when the toys are about to go into the incinerator, and they are all holding hands.. I teared up. The part after that in Andy's room with his mom also made me tear up a little bit.

All in all, it was an amazing movie. I could be biased, because of the first one and growing up with it, but I'd give it a 10/10.

Another extreme spoiler:
I hope they make another with the little girl he gave the toys to, too.


A Darker Knight
A Toy Story Afterstory? maybe it could be one of those Pixar shorts.

I thought it was a great movie too, but it wasn't "sooooooo freaking amazing" as i've seen numerous facebook posts say. :D I could feel my throat choking up at the end too. It was a good way to finish the story.


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The ending was very intense and led to a great ending. Hopefully a Best Picture nomination is on the way for it.


Do What Thou Wilt
I loved this movie. I choked up at the end, which is pretty rare for me.


Sally Twit
I thought it was absolutely fantastic. Definitely my favourite out of the three. I watched the first two this weekend, having never seen them before. I then watched the third one today. I wish they were all in 3D.


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I thought it was good too. I grew up with the first and second ones and it was a big part of my childhood so I couldn't miss this one.

It was a pretty emotional movie. I didn't cry but they really tugged at the heart the best they could with this one.

It would be cool if they made another one but I think there was good closure as well.


Sally Twit
I thought the ending was perfect. No need for a fourth film in my opinion.
Didn't you just love the very beginning? I would love them to do a new movie based on those characters lol.


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
I'm happy to report that despite some previous reservations I had, there was indeed another Toy Story that needed telling. I wasn't particularly fond of the second one, it just felt so inessential. They made it with the best possible intent, to close the story instead of expanding it. Theres so many interesting themes in this one and there's alot going on for the humans as well as the Toys. Andy's journey is about letting go of his childhood without forgetting it's significance. The Toy's journey is about learning to cope with a changing world whilst they remain the same. In the end the story is about both Boy and Toys moving on and it couldn't have been a more fitting end.

This film also had some of the grimest imagery I've ever seen in a family film. The furnace scene was incredible, I knew there was no way they would end it there but a part of me was genuinely afraid it would. It was such an ominous scene and yet it was uplifted by the fact that they were all there for eachother. It was powerful stuff.

Despite all the mature themes I'm glad they didn't lose touch with the heart and humour. The Barbie and Ken sequences were hilarious. So overall I can't fault it. It's everything a sequel should be and has raised the bar so high that I doubt any family film will come close for a long time.
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I saw this movie in the first week of July, and I loved it. This is honestly one of my favorite movies of all-time, and I encourage everybody of all ages to see it.


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Saw it twice in the theater, once 3D, once regular. It's not often you can say this, but Toy Story is a trilogy of perfect movies!