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Town Meetings


aka ginger warlock
Liverpool has a town hall. I have never actually been in it or know for that matter what actually goes on there. In my old home town the town hall was basically a place for the tourist information point and I believe voting my have also occurred there. One thing that you often see in Turn of the Century films or TV Programs especially american productions that people have town halls and also have town meetings where people discuss town events etc, it seems like a nice thing to go along with.

Does your town have something similar and if do do you participate or do you keep out of town affairs?


I've only ever heard of town meetings in American TV shows and movies. Especially in The Simpsons. The town I grew up in did have a Town Hall, and it was used for all sorts of events and sometimes small concerts etc but I don't know about town meetings. Probably not. I've never heard of our town, or anyone else having one over here.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I don't think that happens much anymore, people just don't communicate face to face like they use to. It would be a good idea for everyone to get together to discuss town business. I think more would get accomplished that way, at least you would know what the citizens wanted from the Mayor, etc.


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yup, in the states of India, The District Administrative Officer (Collector) must conduct a public meeting every month I suppose. People and Officials from various departments must attend the meeting and various issues would be discussed. Since my dad is a Government official, I had observed the proceedings with him a few times. It would be really interesting :)
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Sally Twit
Where I live there is some sort of committee that do things at a pub across the road. You have to pay £5 a month to be a part of it. My other half and I have been considering it, but we haven't gone ahead just yet. It would certainly be a good way to meet new people.