towie is letting his presence be known



I am a new member here, quite obviously seen by my meager post count and introduction thread.

I am a musical person, studying music education at the Crane School, focusing of the vocal track. I also love to write. You may visit my fanfiction site, <> if you are into that sort of thing. I focus mainly on philisophical and scientific debates, but definately dabble in other feilds.

I welcom PMs! Thank you for inviting me to your forums.



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Welcome to the forums my friend, I am very glad you've decided to join the forums, I am sure your going to enjoy these forums, because we have a lot of people that love to debate, so check out the Mature Discussion section. See ya around.
Welcome to Fusion Central *squinting* Towie is it, enjoy your stay and fallow rules. Also start your day off right with a bowl or Chist Chex!

Sorry oxy it just so cool XD.
Argh, small letters.

Welcome. I too enjoy writing music :) Just not lyrics...instrumentals but w/e

welcome still


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Ack! My eyes hurt from squinting at that small writing ><; But I visited ur page and I see that u write HP fiction, that should make a member on here VERY happy to read them^^;

Hello and Welcome to Fusion Central though Towie.*hands a bag of candy* I see that u can contribute greatly in Literature Section of the forum so I can't wait to see what u can cook up over there. MD will like u aswell though it does now have it's fair share of members over there as well >>; Have fun and post alot plus make some new friends while ur at it, lots of ppl here are easy to talk to once u get aside first impressions. Well...hope to cya around!


hey, you seem preety intelligent and witty, I hope you enjoy your stay at fusion central and contribute in your own special way to this site..



I haven't welcomed anyone for a while, so I guess I will say welcome to the site.
Well hello and welcome! You're the first person who's actually come out and said "I'm a n00b, but that's pretty damn obvious, now isn't it." Usually they just leave it at the first statement, and I have to break their kneecaps for them.

Please. Please. Don't use that tiny font. As a writer, you should write stuff that your readers don't have to squint at to read, lol

Anyways, welcome and hopefully you'll become very active and the like. *dances away*