Toughest position to play?


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In my opinion the three toughest position to play in Baseball are catcher, shortstop and centerfield.

In your opinion which position is the toughest to play and why?

By toughest I don't mean the punishment your body takes while playing that position, because we all know that's the catcher position.
Are we talking about knowledge, ability or expectations?

Knowledge hands down goes to catcher, we all know that.

I think ability and expectations it would have to be pitcher.

I can't say Center Field is that difficult to play, its what I played and it was just natural to me ha.


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I think centerfield is harder to play then right field or left field because the centerfielder is the captain of the outfield and he controls most of the plays that are hit near him. But out of those three postions I mention it's the easiest to play.

When I ask this question I am asking which position is harder to play defensively.
Hm...alright then I'll agree with your list. Center field has more ground to cover and often times has to direct the outfield (positioning and such) so I'll give that too you. I'd add 3rd base as honorable mention (RIGHT behind CF)


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I agree with your mention of playing third base, it's called the hot spot for a reason. You have throw with a lot accuracy and you have to have a strong arm to play that position.

But Sui, you didn't really answer my question, which position do you this is the toughest to play?

Personally I believe it's shortstop with catcher being a close second. The shortstop is usually the captain of the infield when it comes to defense and he controls everything for the most part. He usually gets the most ball hit to him. Catcher is very close though, because that's not an easy position to play by blocking nasty sliders or curveballs five times or so a week.
Well, fine, if I have to choose out of the two, I'm going to have to agree for a few reasons.

1) Consistant degree of difficulty: Short stops are more likely to see a difficult play than a catcher, and expected to make it.

2) Activity: It's true a catcher recieves a pitch every time, but a short stop is likely to see 4-5 plays that result in an out per game, they have the biggest range in the infield, and are considered to be the best athletes in the infield.


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To me it's hands down the pitcher. It's the one position that's involved in every single pitch and it's by far the most important position on the field. There's a reason why quality pitchers are so valuable - because there aren't that many of them, just like quarterbacks in football.


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I've played all three outfield positions before and quite frankly I found centerfield easier then left or right...maybe it was just me.

I'm going to say the toughest position is the pitcher as well. The entire game is on you and on every single pitch. The position of catching is grueling and tough but not every single pitch is riding on what you do like it is with the pitcher.


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Definitely pitching. I've played every position of a baseball field, except catching, and it's definitely more demanding than any other position. Third base is second, followed by center.


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Do you mean toughest for all of their defensive contributions? Or just fielding? Being a pitcher is generally fairly easy from a fielding perspective - even if the ball's hit right at you, you often aren't expected to field it.

For me, as a kid in little league, 3B was one of the hardest, just because I didn't have the arm strength to get it all the way across the infield in time to get the batter out at 1st. But by the time you've made it to the high school or college level, you should have enough arm strength. So SS is generally the harder position, since it gets more balls hit to there.

CF is generally harder than LF or RF, for much the same reason SS is harder in the infield - more balls are hit there.

It's hard to compare catchers to the other positions, because they have such a different skill set needed. From what I've heard, if there's a knuckleballer pitching, catcher is by far the hardest to field.
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