Lion Rampant
My all-time favorite wrestler has a brand new bag.

Foley said:
"It's the first official stand-up comedy engagement for me. I have spoken at many colleges, and I've made people laugh. I don't want to try to emulate anybody out there. I've got some ideas. I've tried for so long to keep what I say and do in the roughly PG-13 area. It will be a real big relief, just for one night, to have a 21-and-older crowd to talk about things of a more risqué nature."
Improv website said:
Summer is almost gone and The Improv is proud to help you end it with a BODYSLAM!
Join us as we invite you to a first ever event. Total Xtreme Comedy (T.X.C.), one night only see pro wrestling combine with pro comedy. Starring one of pro wrestling's true legends Mick Foley in his first ever stand up appearance. Mick is a 4 time best selling author, former WWE and TNA Heavyweight champion. He can be seen ever week on Spike TV's TNA Wrestling Thursday nights at 8:00pm.

Come out and see The Improv's most intriguing show of the summer, during the biggest wrestling weekends of the summer!!

Line Up:
Steve Simone
Brad Williams
Colt Cabana
Bret Ernst
Mick Foley

**Additional Special Guests to be Announced**
*Line Up Subject to Change*

Improv email said:
Dear Ian ______,

This is to confirm your purchase of tickets for the following:

Club Name: Hollywood California Improv
Show Name: TOTAL XTREME COMEDY with MICK FOLEY (Special Event)
Show Date/Time: Saturday, 8/22/09 7:30P
Number of Tickets: 1
Date of Purchase: 7/29/09
Dinner Reservation
I know this isn't subtalk, but... I am speechless and covered in my own jizz.


I am the woolrus
Haha, i heard he was doing stand up alright bit i have no idea how it's going to pan out! Hopefully it works well for him. He is a pretty funny guy.

I never knew Colt Cabana (temporarily known as Scotty Goldman in WWE) was doing it though! That is something to look forward to. He is a funny guy!

Enjoy the show Tucker! :D