Total time spent on GF


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I've seen this on PHPBB3 and I was thinking of VBulletin had it.

What this is basically about is that, it shows in your profile how many Months/Weeks/Days/Hours/Minutes you have spent on GF.

This could be usefull for the addicts on here.
Eek. I don't think I want to know THAT much information about my time here.

Well, if you decide to do this, is it possible to make a graph to show which months you're most active and inactive?
I'd like this feature. Help me try and not spend too much or too little time on here. Also shows if people with large post counts actually have a life or not XD.


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Mostly just people not wanting others to know how much time exactly they spent.

I like not having that stat too since I spend a great deal of time here myself.

But alas... my new and improved stats system is coming. Wait and see what I have in store. ;)
To Alex: I suspect if that happens and you turn it off, people will bring up "Don't be a puss, turn it on and show the world!!!" type of argument.