Movies Total Recall, your thoughts...


The Hierophant
Isn't this the Schwartzsehcheneeggerrrerssster movie? I like the part where they're on Mars and his eyes start to be sucked out of his eyes. And where the fake face peels apart wen asked what he's at customs. And when he pulls the ping pong ball out of his nose. And when he keeps killing that same clone. And when he finds out he's a clone too. And his ferret when he's teaching kindergarten. Yea. Sweet ass movie.
This was a fantastic movie. I always love the sci-fi adventures. Arnold did a great job as always and even the ending was pretty decent. 5 stars!


A Darker Knight
My mom says the reason why I love violence so much is because she watched Total Recall when she was pregnant with me. :-o


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm a huge Arnold fan, almost like all his movies that he has played in, but Total Recall is complete garbage in my opinion, I've seen it once and I was totally disapointed. I refuse to watch it ever again. The storyline was god aweful, and to me the movie made no sence. So I usually give praises to Arnold's movies but cannot do that for this one.
I loved the part where he dressed up as a fat lady to get past security. Then, it started to malfunction and he then took off the head and threw it at somebody. LOL