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Toshiba Satellite CDT memory stick?


New Member
Hi. I'm a writer, not a "techie" so forgive this stupid question. I usually work on a desktop PC, but someone just gave me an old Toshiba Satellite CDT laptop, as I need portability sometimes. It has Windows 98. I need to transfer info from the one PC to the other, but it doesn't seem to take a CD/DVD, and my memory stick won't work with it, although there is a port. What's the problem? Or am I just a dim, blonde dinosaur?


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
What do you mean by memory stick? Do you mean USB flash drive? If so, reformat it to Fat32 and it should work.


Son of Liberty
One of the problems I was having most recently with USB Flash Drives was the conversion from USB to USB 2.0

When I started getting the 2.0 sticks they wouldnt work on my old Desktops that had the old USB Ports. But they worked flawlessly on the newer Desktops and laptops that had the more up to date USB 2.0

I was forced to transfer things via Email, CD, or even the good ol' Floppy drives. Although it sounds as though you probably have to much info to be transfered via Floppy, and your CD Drives arent working... I have to say the only other advice I can give is to Email them to yourself.

If its large files and you dont have much confidence in your Email being able to send it. You can load most larger files on free sites like Sendspace, then just email yourself the link and re-download it on the other computer.