Tortorella hire could save Renney debacle


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Tom Renney didn't pay two second-line centers top-line money. Tom Renney didn't sign underachieving defenseman Wade Redden for six years and $39 million. It's not Tom Renney's fault there isn't anyone to run the point on the Rangers power play or who can consistently score goals.
But on Monday morning, the former Rangers coach paid the price. He was fired by New York GM Glen Sather, the architect of this poorly constructed Rangers team.

"I think we all have to take responsibility for this," Sather said during a Monday evening conference call. Evidently, some more than others.
It's hard to find a move Sather has made recently that has panned out. The Redden contract is a disaster, with some people speculating that the Rangers would be better off burying Redden in the minors than having him eat up cap space.
Neither of the high-profile centers signed in 2007, Chris Drury and Scott Gomez, have performed up to the big money they received from Sather. The franchise is still looking to replace the goal-scoring that left with Jaromir Jagr and Brendan Shanahan.
"The whole thing isn't put together well," an NHL scout told Sporting News Today.
But even in his failure to build the up-tempo, puck possession team he promised this summer, Sather might emerge from this mess better than we think.
To paraphrase Harry Dunne: Just when you think the Rangers couldn't get any dumber, they totally redeem themselves.
John Tortorella is the man who can redeem the Rangers.
In hiring the Stanley Cup winning coach, Sather has salvaged what was dangerously close to becoming a lost season.
Among the many complaints about the sinking Rangers is that the team lacked leadership and fire. With Tortorella's multi-year deal, those issues are immediately fixed.
"I think that Torts is going to bring a lot more fire to his game with his approach," Sather said. "I just felt like we needed to get more fire in there."
Despite his player personnel blunders, Sather deserves credit for making the perfect hire. If any of the players took advantage of Renney's thoughtful, classy coaching style, they'll get the full wrath of Tortorella, who is good friends with Renney.
Nobody's playing time is guaranteed. Tortorella doesn't care who just got the big free-agent payday and who was just called up from Hartford. Those who play within the team framework will get icetime. Those who don't, will sit.
"These guys are in for an awakening," said former Lightning GM Jay Feaster, who won a Stanley Cup in Tampa with Tortorella as his head coach. "The leadership of the hockey club, Drury and Gomez, will embrace Torts in a big way. Torts will find a way to get to Redden. I think they will be a playoff team."
Sather thinks so too. He said there are players on the current Rangers roster who thrived in the past under intense head coaches like Tortorella.
He needs those players to thrive again. His legacy as Rangers GM depends on it.
"I think that some of the players I brought in are better than they've performed up to date," Sather said. "Moving forward, I'd like to think we've made the right change."
Well the early rumors have been confirmed. I for one hope that Tort's lights a fire under the teams collective butts, but if it fails I'll be glad to help Sather move out of MSG.


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I've always liked Tortorella, I mean 7 seasons with Tampa he had 1 Stanley Cup, 2 Division Championships, came in 2nd in division twice, 3rd once, and 5th two other times. As a coach he's got himself a winning record, so to be honest I'm having trouble remembering why Tampa even got rid of him?!?!? :hah:

Hey cool fact, Tortorella's first officially recorded 4 coached NHL games were with the NY Rangers. Three Losses and 1 tie... not the greatest, but maybe he'll have more luck this go 'round. If anyone can whip an already scary team like the Rags into shape... it'll be that guy.


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I love Torts, he knows how bring out the best of his players. Take Lecavalier for an example, when he first came into the league he was kind of a young punk, but Torts set him straight and now Vinny is one of the best players in the league. Should be interesting if the Rangers will change things around now.


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Tomorrow night should be interesting, I'm really curious to see what he'll do.

Tort's left Tampa cause the new owners fired everyone to bring in their own people. Maybe they'll regret it.