Tortorella fired as Lightning coach

Discussion in 'Hockey' started by Babe_Ruth, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    This firing doesn't surprise me, I believe a lot of Tampa Bay players lost respect for him and they needed a new coach. This team should be back on track in a couple of years. They have one of the best players in the NHL in Lecavalier and St Louis is in the top 15 for sure. They also have the top pick in this years NHL draft and they'll probably end up selecting Steven Stamkos who has potential to become a great player in this league.

    I'm sure there's a lot of teams that are interested in Tortorella, I believe he'll be the next coach of the Sens.

  2. Millz

    Millz LGB Staff Member V.I.P.

    So Barry Melrose is taking over, right?

    I guess that's I dont have to hear him on ESPN anymore.
  3. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Well the rumours have it that he'll be taking over. I don't think he's the best selection in my opinion, he did have some good years with the Kings, but if I were Tampa Bay I wouldn't hire him has my new Head Coach.
  4. Millz

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    Well I wouldnt either but he's a nice character to bring aboard. People know who he is and might bring some personality to that team.
  5. canadian24

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    It's not in my view that Torterella did a really bad job as the coach of the lightning its just that ever since they won the cup they have had way higher expectations for him. Personally I think they should have gave him just till the end of this year to work with Stamkos and see if he can get something going. If they have Lecavalier , St.Louis and Stamkos and still are among the NHLs bottom feeders then they have to make a management change as well.
  6. padd

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    Why!? they gave him 2.5 years with vinny, marty and richards.. doyle to! and they were still struggling, struggling to make the playoffs, couldn't win a series, and as of 2008 are bottom feeders of the east. yet they have had some onf the best players in the league. Coaches fault. He has a great charisma, although in recent years he's been using it negativley.
  7. canadian24

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    The chemistry has to be there too , But yes I will grant that he was unable to get those guys to terms really to play on a good enough bases to do what they should be doing. Personally I think half the team is really under producing , I mean look at their player stats for the year after St. Louis and Lecavalier I suppose.

    But at the same time with a hard market they are gonna have to find a coach willing to try and rebuild part of a team.
  8. Turbo

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    I saw this coming but figured not this soon. The rumors are flying that the Lightning ownership is being sold and this would have been part of the fallout. Looks like Stamkos is going to a unsettled team.

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