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Torres Set To Leave Chelsea, Drogba Says Goodbye


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Torres Set To Leave Chelsea, Drogba Says Goodbye | Fox News Latino

Not really surprised that Drogba is leaving. It's been rumored for quite some time now. I do wonder where he goes next, though. There's some rumblings that he might go to the MLS and be the new face of that league. Personally, I hope that doesn't happen.

Drogba will leave as one of the best players to play for Chelsea, he's done so much for them.


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Doubt Torres rumours are true, I think he has settled in now. He does other things than score goals, it's just that the fans and media don't pick it out because in their eyes, he MUST score goals which I guess is fair enough but Rooney doesn't score all the time, does he?


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Apparently Drogba is going to China. Shame, he's been a great player for English football. Good luck to him...and his Nation. I hear he is doing alot of work to support the Ivory Coast.

I saw on Sky Sports news that Fernando Torres was unhappy about not starting in the Champions League final.

Scores a lucky goal against Barcelona and think's he deserves to be in the first team every week! Do me a favour.


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Yeah, I heard those rumors about China - I really don't like the fact that Drogba is leaving, he is one of my favourite players. I don't believe the rumors about Torres though; agreed, he is doing other things than the fans expected from him, but he's still doing a lot of work for the team. Although I can't understand why he wanted to start the CL final, or where he found the justification for such a demand.
What I hope for Chelsea, however, is that they get a new manager as soon as possible. I just can't watch this italian style of football anymore - bunkering down and hoping for the keeper and defenders to hold out and then shooting a goal in the last minutes while stopping any attempt of the opponent with dirty fouls.