Toronto Maple Leafs


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So the Leafs are one of the top young teams in the NHL. Raise your hand if you are old enough to have ever heard that phrase before.

What I'm here to discuss is, what's the best way forward. With the salary cap being what it is, things can play out many different ways. Back in the day, I would have just said it doesn't matter, lets wait and see and get players when they come along. Go with "the plan" if you will. But, with Matthews and Marner coming up for contracts in 2 years and Nylander coming up next year it may be more prudent to try to get players to help win now, while those guys are still relatively "cheap".

I'm of the belief the Leafs have a good defence corps, IF they are all bumped down a slot. So right now, if the Leafs could get a guy like say Doughty (just putting a name out there) they would have a Stanley Cup contending team. Now, the problem is, it's going to cost a ton in prospects and money. While also creating a bit of a headache in two years. Because there wont be a FA that fixes this, Shattenkirk in my mind would just fit in at the same level as the 2-3 guys the Leafs already have. But giving up the capital to get a guy like Doughty gives them the next two years to swim freely. Then, hopefully Marner and Matthews take shorter deals at good but not cap breaking numbers.

Also, with this coming year, it's probably the last year JVR and Bozak are involved. They are very good players and give tons of depth to the Leafs forward corps.

Anyway, any thoughts on what the Leafs should do next? Go for it now while the kids are still cheap, or wait it out and follow the plan?


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They should go for it while they still have everyone under control. Eventually Matthews is going to get paid, and is is Marner. And it makes you wonder whether they can keep this core together at the expected money they'll demand. So yes, go for it now. They already have enough prospects so if you gotta deal picks than they should. Drew Doughty would be a good fit. Also, Oliver Ekman-Larsson wouldn't be bad either