Toronto Blue Jays


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Alright, this might be a different type of thread then you expect. Carlos Delgado just came out and said that one of the reasons his name is not with the good hitters in the past decade or so is because he played in Toronto for many years where he didn't get much exposure. I totally agree with that.

Now my question to you guys since everyone that post in the baseball section are Americans, do the Jays get a lot of exposure in your area.

I'll use this for example, in my opinion Halladay is the best pitcher in the American League, and you can make an argument of being the best in the whole league, does he get talked about a lot? And when he does do people say he's one of the best pitchers in the Majors?

Just wondering if you ever hear about any Jays player where you live?


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Yeah, I think we hear just as much about the Jays as we do about any team in the AL. It's not like they're across the pond...they're just to the north! There's no block on stats or games that come from Canada. :)