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Tornadoes rip through several states


Creeping On You
U.S. states clean up after deadly tornadoes - World - CBC News

Although it will take weeks to tally the damage, the violent weather system is likely to rank among the largest in history. It is already the deadliest since the storms that hit numerous states on Super Tuesday in 2008.

Reading through the article, I can't help but feel bad for them. I can't imagine what it's like to have your home ripped apart by a random force of nature. My prayers go out to the relatives of the 45 confirmed dead.


Ms. Malone
[SARCASM]Is it Karma or a Natural Disaster?[/SARCASM]

Either way, it's a shame for those poor people, recovering from something like that can't be easy for anyone.


[sarcasm]Is it Karma or a Natural Disaster?[/sarcasm
Exactly. Is Pat Robertson going to come out and say all these states made a "pact with the Devil" like he did with Haiti. >_>

I was watching a lot of the footage on YouTube and it was very shocking to see such power. I hope the Red Cross and some of our tax dollars go out to help those folks in need.


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Tornado Devastation

Was anyone else blasted by tornadoes this past Thursday? I have a hard time remembering where all of y'all are from, here in the states, but I'm thinking I am about the only one in Tennessee (??) But Alabama was hit hardest, and it got Kentucky, Mississippi and here in Tennessee, we had 34 people who were killed. President Obama gave 4 of our counties (here in my area) a federal grant to help with the destruction. I was very fortunate, I only lost power for a short time and other than some minor tree limbs and twiglets around my porch and on my car, I lost nothing, but so many others were not so fortunate :( Ohmigosh, just 6 miles away, a total area of the community was wiped out. Mobile homes completely ripped off the base and taken away to God knows where. Newly built homes, shredded. Trees with root bases as wide as 15 feet or bigger were torn out of the ground. Beds were in other trees. It started hailing here at my place, right after I told my granddaughter, "hail is not a good sign", and it was golf ball size hail! Some people in Tennessee have found newspapers from Fort Payne, Alabama. This set of storms made history, we have never went thru such disaster. And it seems like every week, there are some kind of thunderstorms or tornadoes or something windy making it's way thru my state. I think I am getting pay back for all the times I have said-I feel like I live in a safe state, no hurricanes, no blizzards, no earthquakes. Hayl fire, now we are going to be blown off the map! Course I know it's not true, but it was such a scary thing, to hear the tornado sirens blaring thru town, and I live IN town, so we hear them. I feel so bad for everyone who has lost lives and homes.


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Sorry y'all, I didn't realize there was this thread when I started mine, thanks to whomever moved mine :)
Thanks Crouton, I have a few photos of downed trees and other destruction, I may add them soon. I was actually on my porch and watching the skies as the winds were coming from all directions and you could see how they were trying to form their twisting motion. All of the schools in our areas let out at noon that day, because the worse storms were due to hit by 4. The really worst for my parts was between 5 and 9 p.m. And the skies were still light enough to see the dark ugly clouds. I wasn't as scared as I used to be in my younger days, but when the sirens started and I could hear the trees swaying, I had this urgency to take shelter, my granddaughter was terrified. She had already taken cover in a closet and as silly as this may sound to some people, I placed my Mother's urn in the closet too. If I was to put myself in the closet, my purse and the urn would be the 2 small items I would try to keep safe. Seriously people, others like me who have loved ones who have been cremated, we would hate to lose them in a wind storm or something, damn, it would be like losing them all over again. And I would be sickened to try and search for something like that after a tornado. Some people here are trying desperately to find photographs. We had a family lose their baby. One family lost the Mother and their entire home. Only the Dad and the one child made it out alive. Damn, it makes me sick to see the devastation it left. And what I am seeing here, is not near as bad as Alabama.


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Iris was telling me one of our friends on xbl, his town was hit pretty badly. As in, a tornado touched down right besides his neighbours house, and people a couple streets over were killed. Scary stuff.