Torn MCL to sideline Anderson for season


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It can only get better next year I guess. I was looking forward to them making the playoffs this year but clearly it's not gonna be.


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Talk about crap luck.

I remember part of some guy's sign that said All I want for Christmas is a Win, a Wide Receiver that can catch, and something else...:-/


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When it rains it pours in Cleveland
The running joke is that usually during a current Pro sport season we always look forward to next season in a different sport...

For example about halfway into the season a lot of people I knew started saying "when do the cavs start? The browns are a lost cause."

Everyone was talking about the Browns during the Indians season.

When does the MLB start?

Cleveland needs a hockey team dammit.


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At lease you guys know that Quinn can play in the NFL, and if healthy he should do great things for the Browns next season.

I doubt Anderson will be back with the Browns next season, he was a huge disapoitment this year.


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Looks like Cleveland is going to pick up one of the big name coaches on the market this season. I hope it's Brian Billick. They have a ton of old Ravens players and even their old GM.

Then the Ravens and Steelers will be set as the best in the AFC North for a long time to come.

In seriousness, though, Billick, Schottenheimer, and Cowher should be pretty high on their list for a new coach.