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Top sports story of 2011


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
What was your top national/international sports story of 2011?

Here are mine:

1. Child sex scandals (Sandusky, Fine and Conlin)
2. Head trauma (Crosby, the NHL enforcer deaths and Boston University's study taking off)
3. NCAA violations (from Ohio State football to Boise State tennis and everything in between)
4. Lockouts (NFL and NBA)
5. Runs at perfection (the Packers and Djokovic)
6. Baseball's magical September/October


Embrace the Suck
I'd have to say the Penn State sex scandal was top for me. As someone who respected Coach Paterno for years as a great coach and someone who cared so much for many of his players, the allegations made had a bigger impact on me than any other sports story.


Haters gonna hate.
I would have to agree with CO.

The Penn St. scandal will be felt for years in the area where I am from, and it has rocked the entire state, for sure. While the other stories were heartwarming, exciting, or controversial, the Penn State saga impacted human nature itself. Each chapter was nail-biting and left us guessing what exactly would happen next.

But not in a good way.


Registered Member
"Top" is kind of a vague term. Do you mean the biggest news? My favorite? The most impactful to me?

The sex scandal(s) was definitely huge, although I'm sad to say there've been so many lately that it's lost some of the impact to me.

Basketball lockout at least needs a mention, because it went so long.

The death of the Texas Rangers fan when he reached for a baseball was really sad, with his son sitting right there.

The end of the baseball season/the playoffs is the #1 to me. Absolutely amazing story, and is a positive unlike these others.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I wouldn't say that top is pretty vagued in this thread, I believe that it's the best word to use. Also, I created a thread for Best Sports Moments of 2011 so it's pretty clear what I meant in this thread.

None the less, I do agree with the ones you mentioned, which is why I posted them in the OP :D


The lockout (NFL) was almost the top/biggest story to me. If I would've had to gone a whole year with out watching football & playing fantasy football I would've been devastated. Haha.


Creeping On You
Crosby's return to the NHL definitely was hyped a lot. I don't think it was the top story though, however it was the top story that I paid attention to. He made a big comeback, even if he went out again a few games later. That was a huge game lol. So many channels dropped their regular programming to get the feed from the game.