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Top signs games have made you socially inept


Formerly "Maikeru"


I'm a gamer, too, and I have to say no to all of them as well.

I did come close to canceling an arrangement with family members in order to have a squad battle with some fellow gamers once. It worked out where I didn't need to cancel anything. ^_^


Formerly "Maikeru"
haha yeah.

From what i can see WoW has given the wrong idea of gamers to the rest of the folks, so if you wanna stay home for a tournament the think you're a gaming burnout, with no social life -.-


New Member
I'm totally guilty of trying to get people into games. It's a problem when it actually works once in a great while, because the selective reinforcement keeps me doing it over and over again.


Registered Member
I've never actually cancelled anything with real friends for a game.. I left a party early two weeks ago so I could make it to a Fantasy Draft on Madden 10, but I was so indisposed I needed someone to hold my hand down the steps, and my mom to help me up the steps and I fell asleep in the shower.


Problematic Shitlord
No one is going to admit to fitting into any of those categories if they do.

Chances are at least two people have lied in this thread so far :lol:

That being said, I hope I never see the day that I cancel real life appointments and events with digital ones.