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Movies Top of the Props


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Props can be pretty cool. I've often pondered my desires to own certain 'props', yet I've grown up and realised it would be a waste of money. I suppose if I were loaded I'd consider getting my hands on some film prop memorabilia. Some stuff in films are dressed to impress, sometimes more than the bloody actor.

So, share your film prop memories. Name certain things you'd perhaps like to own. Can be a car, or a random picture, or a prosthetic limb, or a table, or a beer glass, or a wallet, or a croquet mallet or whatever. Go to town.


A quick two from me:
*The typewriter from Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining'. With a sheet in it and that all too famous phrase.
*The bride's Samurai Sword, from Kill Bill.




Haters gonna hate.
All I can think of prop-wise is that my former Boy Scout Troop Scoutmaster has the prop of the Ark from the first Indy movie.