Top five wrestlers of all time?

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  1. Babe_Ruth

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    Same concept as current top five wrestlers, but it's all time instead. Please give a small description on why you rank them at that position.

    1) I don't think this should be any surprise to anyone because everyone knows what I'm a huge fan of Bret Hart's. Personally I think is saying of The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be suits him perfectly. I barely see this guy screw up in the ring, a lot of people think he's just a mid-card because of his size but I simply laugh at those comments. He put on a show everytime he stepped into that ring. His sharpshooter is awesome. I also think his microphone skills are underrated, not trying to say they rank close to The Rock or Stone Cold, but their not as bad as everyone says. Here's a promo to prove so.

    YouTube - Best Promo Ever

    The pop he gets in that video is incredible.

    In his career he just injured one person, that is simply amazing.

    2) Curt Mr. Perfect Henning: I'm a huge fan of Mr. Perfect, one of the reason being his gimmick was so great, I have to say it's one of the best of all time. His in ring skills were excellent as well, he was extremely athletic and could do whatever he wanted in the ring. It's a shame that he never the World Title.

    3) Stone Cold: In the attitude ERA he was the biggest thing in the world of wrestling. He was given a chance to get a major push and runned with it. His feud with Vince McMahon is the best of all time. He was always a good in ring performer but as the time went on you saw him improved. His cockyness and confidence helped him along the way. His microphone skills are top five of all time.

    4) The Rock, I remember watching his first match against Saveo Vega, I told my brother that this guy is going to be something special one day, but never expected him to be that big. To me he was the best talker of all time, he was quick, he was hilarious and he never made mistakes. His in ring skils are good, but not great. I loved the Rock bottom and the spine buster.

    5) Goldberg: I was a huge WCW follower when they were pushing Goldberg and I marked out big time everytime you saw the security guards knock on his door. He didn't have the microphone skills, he wasn't all that talented in the ring, but he did his job, and that was entertaining the fans. His spear was epic and the wrestlers that he destroyed in the ring are so fun to watch. I'll always remember when he jack hammered on The Giant, was so amazing to watch.

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    The Top 5 of all this is hard...

    I'm going to try and not be a homer I'll calculate entire careers and what they did for the business.

    #1: Stone Cold Steve Austin: He was the biggest star in the company at the peak of professional wrestling. He helped WWF kill WCW and end the Monday Night Wars. Ratings were never higher when Steve Austin was at the top of the WWF. Guys like Hart and Michaels were the top dogs in the company when business was at an all time low. Couple that fact with the fact Austin was as over as a face then anybody in history and you've got #1 on my list. As a total package nobody is better then Austin.

    #2: Hulk Hogan: I was a Warrior fan growing up but its impossible to ignore the fact that Hogan made pro wrestling what it is today. He put it on the map; he globalized wrestling. He's the one who paved the way for the superstars of today and there isnt one face more associated with wrestling then Hogan. He's the poster child for the industry. Wrestling wouldnt exist the way it does today without Hogan and his popularity. He's one of the best mic guys in the business and could have a promo at any age and with anybody. He's in ring skills werent the best but they didnt have to be. A true legend.

    #3: Nature Boy Ric Flair: I had a tough time deciding from #3 and #4 but ultimately put Flair here because of his longetivity in the buisness and his ridiculous amount of heavyweight titles won. We're talking about a man who broke his back in the 1970s and who still wrestles to this day. He's won 16 world titles that the WWE recognizes...he's won even more than that in reality. I think he was a better wrestler then Hogan and might be the best promo guy in history. Had he been in WWE then maybe he'd be #2. Hogan just had more success and thus Flair is number 3. He's a living legend.

    #4: The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels: I've got Michaels 4 over Bret Hart 5 because he's still going strong in the ring today and overall he's just, well, better. There is not a man living today who can outshine Shawn Michaels on the big stage. He had a match with Vince McMahon of all people at WM22 that might have been the match of the night. Who else can do that with 60 year old man who can't wrestle? Only Michaels. He's a good promo guy, he's got the look, he's got technical moves, he's a high flyer, and he can go hardcore as well. I think he's the total package; he can do everything. He's better then Austin, Flair, and Hogan in most categories except for fame and popualrity. Its impossible to ignore what those other guys did for the business so that's why Michaels drops to 4. If you ignore that other stuff I might have Michaels 2...just behind Austin who trumps them all. He's also turned his life around for the better. I cannot say enough good things about him...try and outwrestle and outshine just cannot be done.

    #5: Bret "Hit Man" Hart: I know its not Bret's fault he got his head kicked in by a careless Goldberg, had to retire, and got a stroke as a result but his longevity in the buisness dropped him to 5 but at least I still got him on here. Him and Kurt Angle are the two best technical wrestlers in history. Bret was a solid promo guy and dare I say underrated at times; he got better throughout his years. He, like Michaels, could have a good match with anybody. Him and Michaels were the top dogs for a long period of time and had awesome matches with the likes of Vader, Sid and Nash; not everybody can have good matches with those guys.
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    This is a VERY tough decision. Like Millz, i'm gonna take impact on the business into account, along with personal opinion.

    Shawn Michaels: My pick for the greatest superstar of all time. Personally i see Michaels as the person who started the Attitude Era, even before he started D-Generation X, he was the most edgy character in the WWF by a long way. He was fantastic on the mic, both as a face and as a heel. Brilliant in ring entertainer and he has truly earned the title of "The Showstopper" and "Mr. Wrestlemania". michaels has won more PWI Match of The Year awards than anyone else, winning it 9 times. Most of them from Wrestlemania matches. Who knows what Michaels could have achieved if he wasn't out of action for almost 5 years? He missed his prime and he's still the best ever!

    Stone Cold Steve Austin: I don't think Austin was anywhere near the other people i'm gonna have in my list in terms of in ring ability, which i think was above average but not amazing. However his mic skills more than made up for it. The greatest mic skills ever, no question. His personality was what won the Monday Night Wars for the WWF. He had the greatest rivalry ever with Vicne McMahon and he was the face of the Attitude Era. Nobody has had a fanbase like Stone Cold Steve Austin and it's hard to say if anybody ever will again. (even though he did start the ridiculously annoying 'WHAT?' phase!)

    Kurt Angle: A fantastic in ring performer, wrestling's only olympic gold medalist, and a fantastic heel! The reason Angle ranks so high on my list is because.... you just loved to hate him. The "You Suck" chants that accompanied him to the ring were fantastic. Still, besides his persona, he put on some amazing matches. He was a great World Champion and he had some legendary matches against people like Benoit and more recently Nigel McGuinness in TNA, showing he's still one of the best performers in the world.

    Bret Hart: If i was talking about wrestling ability, then Bret Hart would be a clear winner. No one comes close to this guy in terms of wrestling ability, and when you consider that he didn't injure anyone else in his entire career, it's hard to imagine anyone ever being a better in ring technician than Bret Hart. I do agree with BR that his mic skills aren't as bad as some people make out... But i don't think they were fantastic. I mean that video was in Canada so he was gonna get a huge pop no matter what he said! His promos did drag out a bit and i think it damaged him, but he wasn't the worst on the mic and he was by far the best in the ring, so he's no. 4 on my list!

    Triple H: Like HBK, he helped start the Attitude Era with D-Generation X, and carried the team after Michaels was taken out with injury, one of the best heels of all time and one of the most solid performers of the past decade. I know people say that politics has been a big part in HHH staying at the top, but he's been constantly over with the crowd for all of that time, and it's pretty hard to stay over with the crowd being constantly pushed for about a decade. It takes talent. Plus i'm pretty sure a heel turn is in store for HHH when Hart comes back in so we should be seeing a return to top form once again for the cerebral assassin. Hopefully he'll leave a positive legacy after he takes over WWE along with Steph.

    At least i THINK that's my top 5, it's so hard to choose :p
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    I honestly think nostalgia plays a BIG ROLE in why a lot of people (not just here) pick Bret Hart as the best, one of the best or in their top XX. It's like playing a video game from the past, you might like it for the first hour or so, but after that you're like "Wow... I actually wanted to play this? lol" and then you go back to modern games. That's just what I think in MOST cases.

    For me:

    Kurt Angle
    - I love all the things you can do with Kurt: you can be a funny guy, serious guy, corny character, nice guy, everything. Kurt wasn't limited in the parts he could play, he could play everything and you could be convinced. His wrestling ability speaks for its self.

    Edge - Edge was never really one of my favorites when he was in Brood or in a tag team, however when he finally broke out into singles competition he became one of my all-time favorites. I'm very impressed with him.

    Goldust - I'm a sucker for whimsical characters. Looking at Dustin Rhodes without his make up it's hard to believe somebody so biker-looking could play such a weird fellow as Goldust. haha

    Boss Man - Along with The Undertaker, Big Boss Man was one of my favorites growing up. He is one of my classic characters that I chosed mainly due to having that old style of wrestling instead of this new, spot monkey, cool moves thar... type of guy.

    Kevin Nash - Picked Nash for no one pictular reason. Just a bunch of little stuff to add up why I picked Nash. A bit of everything, and I like him for that. ;)
  5. Shooting_Palanx

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    Nice picks guys, I guess it is personal opinion at the end of all this considering that the Rock isn't in most peoples top 5 haha.

    1. The Rock:
    The eye brow raising, elbow dropping son of a gun, is definitely the most charismatic wrestler you will ever see, EVER. He was definitely the best talker to ever hold a microphone, and his in ring ability was always good, never made a mistake. He was always on par, and his stage presence and crowd control was second to none. He is definitely a role model to children, and is my favorite wrestler of all time.

    2. Stone Cold Steve Austin:
    What can I say? He is the toughes SOB to ever step into a wrestling ring, and the impact that this man had on Wrestling while it was at it's peak could only be bested by Hogans impact. From his awesome mic skills to his awesome in ring ability, this man knew how to get a crowd popping, and in a good way :) He has made history throughout the business and is quite arguably the greatest WWE superstar of all time...because that's the bottom line coz stone cold said so.

    3. Triple H:
    This man is quite arguably one of...if not...the best heel in wrestling history. He knew how to get the crowd to hate him so much to the point where it was just too damn believable. With his in ring abilities to some of his stage antics, he is quite arguably one of the greatest of all time....with a world title record of 13, that definitely gives you the impression that he is without a doubt one of the best to ever walk into the 4 sided circle.

    4. Kurt Angle: Definitely one of the best wrestlers as far as techniques go, and he is one of the most decorated superstars of all time, given his amateur background and his 1996 Olympic gold medal win in the Atlanta olympics there's no mystery as to why he is one of the greatest technicians in wrestling. From his goofy gimmick in the WWE all the way to his hard knuckled gimmick in TNA today, he still stands as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

    5. Brock Lesnar: He is without a doubt the best "Big man" who ever came into the business.....and given his fast push in the business, there was no doubt that he would definitely become the "next big thing". From his amazing physique all the way to his awesome power moves, he was no push over. He will always be that big man who could have done more if he hadn't left. Brock is a testament to how a real big man should wrestle, and let's not forget that he too was one of the most decorated wrestlers of all time.
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  7. Shooting_Palanx

    Shooting_Palanx The Rock is cooking atm..


    Yes, because he was not only big, he was agile, fast and was just a beast altogether.

    No offence to any of the big guys mentioned, but Lesnar was just that much better than them imo.
  8. Millz

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    He was all of those things but for what, 2 years? I think you have to take into account he took his ball and went home. He's more known as an MMA fighter then a pro wrestler.

    Undertaker >>> Lesnar. IMO...regardless of how long they both have been around.
  9. Babe_Ruth

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    I have to agree with Millz, I was a huge fan of Lesnar but he didn't really make a legacy for himself like other "big man".

    If he was still the WWE today then we could of made a better argument on the topic, but not with his short reign in the WWE.
  10. Shooting_Palanx

    Shooting_Palanx The Rock is cooking atm..

    I don't care how long they've been in the business lol, I'm talking about pure wrestling ability and skill, and Lesnar owned all of them in that respect.

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