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Top five sports movies


Registered Member
If you like fight movies... Never Back Down is pretty good. The sequel, not so much.


New Member
Without a shadow of a doubt... The Rocket (Maurice Richard) was the greatest Sports movie I have ever scene.. Fuck that It's the greatest movie I have ever scene.

1. The Rocket
2. Bon Cop Bad Cop (its a cop movie but the killer is killing people in Hockey)
3. Goon
4. Major Leauge
5. Major league 2


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In no particular order:

The Replacements
Remember the Titans
Major League 2
Mean Machine


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I always liked Like Mike. I love basketball. It was a good, fun movie imo.


Varsity Blues and The Blind Side were entertaining, a couple of my guilty pleasure films.


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1. Slapshot (no true-blooded Canadian can deny the greatness of this film)
2. Major League
3. Rocky IV (because it's so awesomely un-awesome)
4. Bull Durham
5. 61*

Honorable Mention: D2: The Mighty Ducks (Why didn't Gunner Stahl go blocker side?)


New Member
Don't really have a top 5 per say, but a couple of my favs are:

- Slapshot
- Youngblood
- Mystery, Alaska
- Major League
- Remember the Titans

I guess I do have a top 5 ha


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Konshentz said:
Varsity Blues and The Blind Side were entertaining, a couple of my guilty pleasure films.
Both were great for different reasons, Varsity Blues is a tad underrated as it's actually a well done sports flick.