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Top five song from favorite solo artist


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Please tell me your favorite solo artist and your top five songs from them.

My favorite artist is Michael Jackson, and it will be very hard for me to select top five songs from him but i'll try.

-Billie Jean
-Beat It
-Keep in the Closet
-Smooth Criminal
-Blood on the Dance Floor

The funny thing is that I can keep going because I love so many songs from him.


Charles Mingus!

The Shoes of the Fishermans Wife are Some Jive Ass Slippers
The Chill of Death
Let My Children Hear Music


Registered Member
My favorite artist is Yo Momma, with her best songs being:

Late Night Fever
Don't Wake the Kids
Corona Pt. 2
Call in Sick For You

I'd list some songs by Yo Momma and Sister, but together they aren't a solo band.
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David Bowie, such an amazing back catalogue of songs. I love his earlier work the best though.

Young Americans
Space Oddity
Jean Genie
John, I'm Only Dancing