Top five rookie debuts?


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There's been some great debuts in the history of Wrestling. In your opinion what are your top five?

Here is my list:

5)The Undertaker's debut, the crowd has never seen a character like his before

4)Tazz: Tazz debut to the WWF was awesome, him beating Kurt Angle was epic

3)Daniel Bryan debut in the WWE was pretty epic, the first night he takes on the World Champion

2)The Giant on WCW, his debut wasn't really epic on his first night, but his second night he won the World Title against Hulk Hogan

1)Brock Lesnar debut was amazing, I loved it when he destroyed everyone in the ring, especially Al Snow(sorry wooly) and Spike Dudley.


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5)Goldberg's debut wasn't much of an impact so much as it was just a shock that Hugh Morris got beat at a time when they started treating him like a jobber until he got his push.

4)Hate Cena if you want but during the Angle invitational he was beating people/jobbers down when they finally let Cena talk and last longer than the other jobbers that was an impact. The crowd ate it up.

3)Brock Lesnar's debut was great in that he killed anything that moved...didn't need to say a word cause you saw Heyman there and this freak in the ring on a rampage.

2)I am split on Tazz because I remembered how he was in ECW but he did make that instant impression against Angle.

1)Kane and Undertaker's debuts would be a tie for me. They were similar in everyway with the exception that the monster Kane's debut was in essence flipping Taker's debut back on him, some guy same size walking to the ring staring Taker down and beating the hell out of him.


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I loved Jericho's debut. It wasn't a debut match really but his entrance and promo with the Rock was pretty epic.