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Top five players of all-time


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm just curious who you rank the top five players to ever play the game?

I'll go with:

1. Michael Jordan
2. Bill Russell
3. Magic Johnson
4.Wilt Chamberlain
5. Larry Bird


Registered Member
I never truly got to watch these guys play but have seen some old games, highlights and what not. My top 5 from what I know would be:
1. Michael Jordan
2. Magic Johnson
3. Kareem Abdul-Jabar
4. Bill Russell
5. Larry Bird


The return shall be legenday!
Michael Jordan
Magic Johnson
Larry Bird
Bill Russell
Wilt Chamberlain

That's what my lists looks like most of the time but I do change my 2-5 from time to time as it's very debatable.


New Member
Love the 6 names mentioned and I agree wholeheartedly

Gonna throw out honourable mentions and they're a bit of a darkhorse pick.

John Stockton: 41st all time in scoring, 6th all time in steals and 1st, by a landslide in assists. The chemistry he had with Malone was unreal. And for a smaller guy he was one tough SOB

And his Partner in crime, the Milman Karl Malone career scoring average of 25 PPG. He finished 2nd all time in scoring. He played 84 fewer games than K-A-J. If he had played those games and averaged just 17.5 PPG in those games, he retires as the #1 scorer of all time


Registered Member
Michael Jordan -- easily the best
Wilt -- individual stats are simply frightening. Look at his 1963-64 season and ask "how did a team with Tom Meschery as its #2 player reach the finals?"
Kareem - very underrated. Actually sit and watch Lakers games from 1979-82. They go to Kareem every time down.
LeBron James -- while you could argue that he is too young yet, he has 4 MVPs, 2 Finals MVPS, 5 Finals appearances. His seasons with over 14 Win Shares and his WS/48 numbers are top 5. Fantastic on both ends of the floor.

5th Place is probably Duncan.

Guys who don't make the top 5 - Magic really only had 4 ridiculous regular seasons, relied a lot on Kareem in the early years, and career ended early; Bird - probably the worst career stats and career playoff stats of any career top 10 player; Russell - played one end of the floor. Guys who deserve more love than they get -- Barkley and Malone (OK, both Malones) and David Robinson.