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Top five most complete players in MLB history?


The return shall be legenday!
Who are the top five most complete players in MLB history? The guys that had no holes in their games?


The return shall be legenday!
Babe Ruth - elite pitcher before he became the game's greatest slugger, he also stole over 100 bases

Ty Cobb - highest career average, held the record for most stolen bases until Lou Brock broke it, well-noted for his defense

Willie Mays - considered the epitome of a five-tool player

Honus Wagner - quite possibly the game's greatest all-round player

Ted Williams - greatest hitter ever


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Talk about a loose definition of "complete" guys.

Ballgame is the second greatest hitter in history imo, mainly because he was indifferent to all other aspects. In fact, if you were going to make a top 10 most one-dimensional players ever, Teddy would be right in the mix.

1. Ruth - think about this. Had the awards been given out you're talkin rookie of the year, cy young, multiple World Series MVPs, multiple gold gloves, ERA+ title, batting title, hr and slugging titles, multiple all star MVPs. He also led team in stolen bases, and proved to place hit and bunt for base hits.

The others in no particular order.

Early to mid 90s Bonds






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Yeah, Ted Williams is one of the best players of all time, but he wasn't complete. He wasn't a good fielder, and wasn't particularly good at running. But his hitting more than made up for it.

So if you're asking who is among the best overall? I would definitely include him. If you're asking who is the most well-rounded? I wouldn't put him on the list.

* Babe Ruth - his fielding and running are often underrated. And of course, being arguably the greatest hitter to ever play the game, and putting in multiple good seasons at pitcher, is quite valuable. His pitching brings something to the table that almost nobody else does, in some ways making him more complete than almost anyone else, but he wasn't top tier at fielding or baserunning. It's kinda awkward to me, to try to categorize him the same as the others, so I'll just put him in his own category.

Barry Bonds
Willie Mays
Honus Wagner
Mickey Mantle
Ken Griffey Jr

I don't think I would put Henderson on the list, and I'm a bit iffy on Cobb. Henderson had a couple seasons with decent power, but he was never great at it, and most of the time he wasn't even particularly good at it. And I kind of wonder if Cobb's fielding is a bit overrated.
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