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Simply stated. What are your top 5 vampire films?

5. THE LOST BOYS: A childhood favorite of mine and a bit of a guilty pleasure. Let's face it, Corey Feldman and Jason Newlander did what a lot of kids wish they could when they were little; they were active mercenaries, defenders against evil and vampire hunters. Like I said, a guilty pleasure. Damn you Joel Schumacher.

4. BLADE: Based off of the Marvel comic book hero. Unfortunatley I lose interest quickly after the first one. The sequels are nothing compared to the original. Kris Kristofferson is fantastic and that's the only thing that gets me to watch BLADE II. Probably one of my all time favorite sidekicks. The film itself begs a little more explanation about the society of vampires but other than lack of information (at least I'd like to know) it holds up.

3. NOSFERATU: The original vampire film. Made in 1922 in Germany and still considered one of, if not the best, vampire films in existence. A bit long and quite detailed as to not skip a beat but chilling in it's cinematography and shots of Nosferatu himself. The long outdated chemical color saturation on a few shot adds to the tone of the film. A solid horror tale of it's time.

2. INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE: Back when Kirsten Dunst was far beyond illegal and around the time tha- oh who am I kidding, Christian Slater never had a top to his career. Anyway this movie took a new approach to telling a story of a vampire from the vampire's perspective. We see 3 centuries worth of vampiric debauchery as Louis de Ponte and Lestat venture through the life of the nocturnal. Probably one of the best original stories of a vampire.

1. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN: I've been waiting so long to see this and I'm glad I did. Very creepy yet... oddly charming in it's childish nature of the characters. Violence is kept in reserve but is not afraid to display any gore. A terrific story, although confusing at times if one does not pick up on subtle hints. Overall, probably my favorite vampire film of all time... for now anyways.

What are yours?


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I only have one: the 1931 "Dracula," starring Bela Lugosi. A classic film, he is still the definitive Count Dracula for many fans. Trivia note: Lugosi
was even buried in his Dracula cape. (True story!)


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I actually don't think I've seen many vampire movies. My two favorites are definitely Blade and I Am Legend (although the movie portrayed them more like zombies).


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I actually liked the first Underworld. It was stylish and had some good effects. The whole "everything is blue" shit got annoying but it wasn't that bad.

Also, Beckinsale is hotter than the sun in that flick.