TV Top 5 T.V Drama characters?


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In your opinion who do you believe are the top five drama television characters?

-Dr House From House, I just love the way he carries himself.

-Dr Doug Ross From E.R, he's the only reason why I started to get into this show.

-Dectective Elliot Stabler: He's such a tough dude in that show, I simply love him.

-Det. Andy Sipowicz from NYPD Blue: Took me awhile to like this show, but as soon as i got into it, I loved it.

-Detective John Munch-Homicide, Law and Order: As you probably notice I'm a big fan of Law and Order and he's great in it.

What about you guys?
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1) Det. Vick Mackey - The Shield - All the episodes he's in seems like season finales. The best detective I've ever seen in a series.

2) Bree - Desperate Housewives - She seems like a total hippie in real life oppose to what she does in this TV show. Mrs. Perfect all the time.

3) Sawyer - Lost - Good supportive character. Maybe a lead one day...

4) Dutch - The Shield - Plays his part well. You see him act as how you expect a detective to act.

Can't think of number 5 now.


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Tony Soprano kicks everyone's ass.

Apart from maybe Vic Mackey, hes pretty hardcore. .. Not seen an episode of the Shield for years :(

1. Tony Soprano - The Sopranos. Brilliant.
2. Christopher Moltisanti - The Sopranos.
3. Abbey Lockhart - ER, shes the only reason I still watch that show. She's been my favourite character in it for a long long time.
4. Dt. Christine Cagney - Cagney & Lacey, just watch an episode of the show.
5. Dt. Mary Beth Lacey - Cagney & Lacey ^^


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1. Tony Soprano (The Sopranos) - nobody messes with him
2. Sayid (Lost) - he's just a badass

Those are the only dramas that I watch regularly, so I can't really do a top 5.