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Top 5 Sexiest WWE Divas


Where is my Queen?
Yeah, I'm bored and decided to make a thread about who your top 5 bangable WWE Divas would be. They can be from the past or present, it doesn't matter. Since mostly all members in this section are dudes I don't see a problem with it. Bubbles you can participate as well with WWE superstars if you want or a mix between the two. ;)

My picks:

AJ Lee

I love it when she wears glasses. I have seen pics of her with no make up and she still looks good. She is the type of girl I would bring home to visit my mama.

Stacy Keibler

Oh man! My heart races everytime I see her. She looks like she would be so much fun in the sack.


I have a thing for spanish ladies, and I don't care if she has been around I still want my piece. :lol:


I would do her dirty and leave her the next day, that's my fantasy with her. :lol:

Layla El

I think she is overall the sexiest diva that the WWE had going and I hope they bring her back to TV because I missed watching her roll up pins.


I am the woolrus
Only 3 of my 5 are from WWE, but they're all very much "bangable" :p


Also just making it into my top 5 is WWE's hottest diva right now! Should be making her return soon which, is awesome!

Miss Kitty/The Kat

The Kat was quite possibly my favourite thing in wrestling from 1999-2001! It's a shame they cut the "right to nudity" angle short when they released her. It seemed like a pretty awesome angle! :p

Kimberly Page

DAMN Diamond Dallas Page was a lucky guy. Definitely the hottest of the Nitro girls, and one of the hottest women in wrestling of all time!

2nd, and it was a tough choice between her and 1st!
Yinling - 'The Erotic Terrorist'

Not a very well known female wrestler (she had a stint with the failed japanese promotion HUSTLE during the mid 2000s). She's like a japanese, lady gaga-esque, gothic, pirate queen of sorts... And she's completely nutball insane... But very hot!

and my no.1 hottest female wrestler of all time:

There's a reason she became AOL's "most downloaded woman" in world! Just awesome. Hell, one picture doesn't even do her justice. Here's a vid of Sunny in all her greatness!
Tammy "Sunny" Sytch Tribute #1 - YouTube


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Here are mine:

There's so many to choose from but those are definitely my top five. Honary mention goes out to Miss Elizabeth for being the original hot diva back in the day.


Where is my Queen?
Wow great choices guys. You are right Ruth there are way to many to choose from. I wish we could throw them in a pool and just dive right in. Ruth you have to some good taste, and so do you Wooly. There is something about that Erotic Terrorist that mmmmmmm...oh how I love the divas, but man they don't have any good programs going on. I also forgot all about Sunny, shame on me! It's cool to see Layla on 2 of the 3 sheets so far.