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PC Games Top 5 Most Played Steam Games


What are the 5 Steam games you have spent the most time in according to the steam time stats?

Mine are all fairly low, since I spend more time in console games, I know many people get hundreds of hours in this thing.

Note: My second game is actually plants vs zombies. But I'm not including it since the time is only high since I accidentally left it on for a whole day once.

1. Age of Empires 2 HD Edition: 27 hours
2. Portal: 18.5 hours
3. Amnesia The Dark Descent: 8.8 hours
4. Audiosurf: 7.1 hours
5. Magicka: 6.9 hours


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Mine are going to be a bit skewed due to the fact that I've had lots of time on another steam account and I've played two of my steam games through Origin.

My list says the following times...

Mass Effect 2 - 48 hours
Team Fortress 2 - 43 hours
Mass Effect - 18.7 hours
Civilization V - 13.3 hours
Portal 2 - 12.5 hours

Here's my real top 5 times as best as I can estimate them

Team Fortress 2 - 150 hours
CounterStrike Source - 80 hours
Mass Effect - 75.7 hours
Mass Effect 2 - 48 hours
Half Life Source - 25 hours


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I'm new to Steam, so I haven't even played five games yet. I'm sure I'll be adding to this list soon though. Civ 5 will probably take over my life in the next few months.

1. Portal 2 - 9.8 hours
2. Portal - 4.8 hours

So yeah, I haven't done anything more than beat both Portal games.


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Tropico 4: 103 hours
Civ 5: 76 hours
Borderlands 2: 19.7 hours
CoD Ghosts: 19 hours
Borderlands: 4.6 hours (actually around the 40 hour range. I had it on 360).

I honesty couldn't estimate my all-time list. I've had games where I've spent over 500 hours easily because I played them for nearly 10 years each. My 500+ hour club:

Command and Conquer 2: Yuri's Revenge
Gran Turismo 2
Tetris (probably over 1k hours)
Perfect Dark/Goldeneye
CoD 4, MW2, MW3: about 2000 hours.


I sign up a few months ago and played one game. My laptop just isn't built for gaming.

Poker Night 2 - 1.9 hours.


I honesty couldn't estimate my all-time list. I've had games where I've spent over 500 hours easily because I played them for nearly 10 years each. My 500+ hour club:
Oh yeah all time list is a completely different story. I grew up playing Age of Empires more than any other game. For like 10 years it was my most played game, I sometimes played it for whole days with my neighbours.

I may have played 27 of the HD remake, but my all time total would be insane. I wouldn't even be able to begin estimating it.
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Steam time tables are broken and have been broken but I'll give it a gooooooooooooo.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
304 hrs on record

PlanetSide 2
151 hrs on record

Borderlands 2
85 hrs on record

Path of Exile
68 hrs on record

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
24 hrs on record


AFK champ yo.

And there is no way I have 300 hours on that ahahahaha. And I know I only have about 40-60 hours on Planetside 2.

Also refreshed the page and got different time results the second time around. Wat.

I also play a bit offline and those times usually aren't added either, so that factors as well.
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