Top 5 deepest teams next season


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Who do you think will have the deepest teams next season. This doesn't mean who you think will be the top five teams next season, it's the top five teams with the deepest bench and such.

1. Raptors

2. Jazz

3. Nuggets

4. Mavs

5. Spurs

This is not in order.

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Spurs?? who the heck do they have on their bench?

Raptors, Mavs, Jazz, Suns, Bobcats and Trailblazers all have deep benches they can use.


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In no particular order

1)The Toronto Raptors: Might have one of the deepest teams in the league next year. Which will help them win a lot of games in the Atlantic this season

2)The Phoenix Suns: With the addition of Grant Hill to an already deep team that might actually put them over the top this year.

3)The Dallas Mavericks: When you have Eddie Jones/Jerry Stackhouse coming off your bench that means your a very deep team.

4)Detroit Pistons: They've never had a true Super Star in their line-up so they always counted on their deep team to win some ball games.

5)Chicago Bulls: With Joakim Noah/Andres Nocioni/Joe Smith coming off the bench means you have a pretty solid team from 1-8 meaning your team is pretty stacked.


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the strongest will probably be Houston thay were able to fill in for the injured Yao Ming.


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I don't really know who's going to be deep now since I haven't been keeping up with the latest news. I'd have to say Detroit is going to be deep from what I last saw in the conference finals. Boston is a deep team as well, even though it may not look like it.

The Mavs and Spurs are have some decent players off the bench, but I'd say both teams have an aging bench (especially the Mavs). Eddie Jones and Stack are way past their prime. San Antonio has Udoka, and Ginobili from what I remember.