Movies Top 20 Mutants: X-Men


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I tend to like the ones that aren't as popular.

So my list is Gambit, Rogue, Storm, and a couple others that aren't on the list but i can't recall.

Gambit is awesome, though. I'm in love with Alice in Wonderland and I love that he uses a deck of cards. >.>


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I love a lot of mutants, but my favourite mutant of all time would have to be Magneto; always has, always will. I think he was portrayed wonderfully on the X-Men films. (I'm a huge fan of Sir Ian McKellan.)

The films do irritate the hell out of me sometimes though, with how much they completely ignore canon. :-/


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I know shes not a well known or mentioned character in the X-Men world, but I would have to say that Marrow is one of my favs, she should have been in the movies since Calisto (who was wrongfully portrayed in the movies) was shown. Marrow is just more [email protected] and hard hitting like wolverine.



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Rogue was always my favourite.

She was awesome in the comics. Although I thought they didn't do her justice in the films made her a little bit wet!

I also ADORE IceMan and Magneto :)

And my Hugh Jackman obsession won't allow me to forget wolverine ;)



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I stopped reading the X-Men right around the time that Gambit was introduced so I've never been a fan.

Cyclops is a pussy. Magneto >>>>>> Nightcrawler.

and where is Storm, am I missing something?


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I would have to disagree with you Jeanie. Casting the terrible (except the second, maybe) films aside, Cyclops is a great character that lets his chivalrous naivety get the better of him in dangerous situations. He is a good leader - just a traumatically-affected one.

Gambit was always there as a favourite, but these days I find that my all-time favourite mutant is Beast. Speedos or cat paws, he is the sort of person that I aspire to be in actual life.


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Gambit is my top favorite. He's just the man.

The Seconds are Nightcrawler and Colossus, and Havok.

and the Thirds would probably be Angel (Archangel) and Iceman.

Honorable mention to Psylocke, Longshot, and Wolverine of course. :)


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I Don't think rogue should be in there to be honest. But apart from that it is a pretty decent list. Well saying that Juggernaut shouldn't be in the list either because he isn't a mutant. He gets his powers from the (gem,stone, whatever you want to call it) he found.


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By the way, I forgot to add another honorable mention...Jamie Madrox, aka Multiple Man. Awesome and unique power, fun character.