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Here's a little information on the top five players for the 2006 NBA Draft courtesy of

LaMarcus Aldridge

NBA Comparison: Channing Frye

Strengths: Considered the top bigman prospect in the country ... Extremely smooth post player ... Has excellent touch within 12 feet of the basket ... Soft hands ... Excels on the offensive end with great fundamentals and footwork ... Put on 25 pounds of muscle between his freshman and sophomore seasons and it's made him a much more aggressive and confident post player ... Runs the floor especially well for a (near) 7 footer ... Good transition player ... Good shot blocker, with his long arms he should get a fair number of blocks on the next level ... Long arms and a quick leaper ... Very versatile big man ... Has many effective moves in the low post including a go-to jump hook. Has even developed a sky hook in his sophomore year ... Great at positioning himself in the post ... Has nice form on his jumper, range is developing ... Positions himself well for rebounds and excels on the offensive glass ...

Weaknesses: In high school he developed a reputation for being soft and not showing enough heart. Scouts still have some question marks about his toughness inside. He is vastly improved in that area, but still struggles against big and strong players on the NCAA level ... Not a physically imposing player inside, plays more a finesse game. Needs to get nastier ... Should still add an additional 10-15 pounds ... Not an out of this world leaper, but solid ... Not an extremely emotional player, which is both a positive and a negative ... Passing and ball handling are decent but can improve ... Also has been injury prone (missed half of his freshman year after a hip injury that required surgery) ... Must develop a killer instinct, more intensity ... Free throw shooting is just average ...

Andrea Bargnani

NBA Comparison: Dirk Nowitzki

Good foot work, soft hands even if he's not particularly strong ... A fast player with very quick feet and first step for such a big guy, runs well in the fast break ... Shoots it quickly, with solid release and is also a great catch and shoot player ... Good one on one player who prefers to face the basket ... Bouncy, and will get up multiple times off two feet ... Good shot blocker ... Played an average of 12 minutes per game this season (2004-05) ... Generally impacts game tempo in a positive way when he's on the floor ... Makes plays.

Weaknesses: Needs to develop more body strength for the NBA, as he can be moved off the block. His strength has really gotten better in the past year, but he still has aways to go... Still very new to the game having played at the professional level for only two seasons ... Missed parts of the 2004-05 season due to illnesses ... Excellent shot mechanics, but could use more arc on his shot ... Favors his right hand, and needs to be a better back to basket offensive player ... Indecisive passer at times, but employs proper tecnique ... With no Italian players in the NBA, it could hurt him slightly in scouts minds ... Emotional player, he needs more experience in order to gain more confidence.

Adam Morrison

NBA Comparison: Larry Bird

Strengths: A special talent ... Old school right down to the stripes on the socks ... Like a coach on the floor ... Incredibly competitive ... The game comes very easily to him ... A great player in the half court ... Can create offense for himself or others ... Really excels with the ball in his hands at the top of the key ... Very good scorer with complete offensive repertoire ... Effortless shooting stroke ... Has great anticipation and basketball understanding ... Great intangibles, competes and inspires others to play hard ... Hard worker ... Plays with great intensity and aggressiveness ... Fundamentally solid, does all the little things to help his team win ... A true competitor. Will not back down from anyone ... Wants to take the big shot ... Sees the floor well, and is creative finding teammates for baskets ... Catches and shoots, or can shoot on the move ... Great at moving without the ball ... Finds a way to score against better athletes ... Great leadership ability ...

Weaknesses: Not especially gifted athletically ... Lacks great foot speed getting out into transition ... Runs decent, but needs a head of steam ...Better hand speed than foot speed ... Leaping ability is average ... Plays hard on defense but lacks great lateral quickness ... Lack of a great first step will make it harder to get shots off against superior athletes ...

Tyrus Thomas

NBA Comparison: Shawn Marion

Strengths: Agile bigman with great leaping ability ... Feathery touch out to 12-15 feet ... Has a very nice turn around jump shot ...Spectauclar dunker, his explosiveness and quickness getting off the ground is unrivaled among college post players ... A super shot blocker due to his long arms and explosiveness ... Runs the floor well ... Huge wingspan ... Has good hands for rebonds and catching passes ... Plays with good energy, loves to dunk ... Extremely long arms plus great lift make him a monster on the boards and allow him to play much bigger than 6-9 ... Plays with great intensity, has an edge to him ... Excellent passer, great vision ... Great upside ...

Weaknesses: Unproven, must prove himself on the college level ... Must put on a good deal of weight as he can be pushed around due to lack of bulk . He needs at least 20-25 pounds of muscle ... How well he weight trains and maintains his agility will be huge ... He's so talented he can get away with not hustling or working hard, so staying intense and focused is important ... Needs to become better conditioned, gets winded easily ... Has a bit of a hitch on his free throw shot ... He's a risky pick because it's uncertain how his body will turn out. Will he be able to add the weight?

Notes: Redshirted his first year at LSU after sustaining a neck injury.

Randy Foye

NBA Comparison: Chauncey Billups

Strengths: Talented lead guard ... Has persevered through a rough upbringing (losing both parents young) and shows great hunger and toughness because of it ... Excellent one on one player ... Has a bag of tricks offensively with crossovers and AND1 type moves ... Uses change of direction well to get his defenders off balance ... Plays well in an open court game with great speed and body control ... Handles the ball effortlessly ... Strong finisher capable of taking the ball all the way to the rack in traffic ... Very strong body able to physically overpower opponents ... Picture perfect high release and high arc on his shot ... Hard worker, his outside shot has shown steady improvement ... Capable of big time scoring outbursts ... Adept at shooting with just an inch of daylight ...Strong defender, very aggressive looking for steals on the ball and on passes ... Great leadership ability ... Excellent maturity ... Has excellent size/strength for the point guard position ... Quality free throw shooter ...

Weaknesses: Some consider him more of a combo than a true point guard ... Isn't a natural at setting the table and running the show as a point guard but has shown improvement in that area ... With Lowry playing the point, some of his deficiencies are covered up ... His passing ability is decent, but not great for a point guard ... Can be too aggressive at times offensively forcing bad shots ... Aggressiveness defensively can lead to foul problems, he can also get caught gambling for steals ...

Rudy Gay

NBA Comparison: Scottie Pippen

Strengths: Run and jump athlete who finishes well above the rim ... High flyer ... Very versatile... Does everything well ... Complete offensive arsenal... Can hit the mid range jumper... Excellent at slashing to the hoop... Accurate passer who is very unselfish... Does the majority of his damage in the post ... Very strong and stays active throughout the game ... Very tough to defend... Doesn’t get pushed around down low ... Runs the floor well ... Tough on the boards... Has a passion for the game ... Works harder than everyone else on the court ... A coach’s dream player ... Will most likely play on the wing at the next level ... Has great potential.

Weaknesses: Ball handling could stand to improve ... Must gain maturity ... Develop physically ... His glaring weaknesses are his inexperience and his handle. His handle has improved dramatically but learning that phase late has slowed him moderately ... He will be star with some college seasoning ... He has only really been coached for a year and a half now so if UConn can get 2 years out of him he will be one of the baddest things to come out of college since Tim Duncan ...

Brandon Roy

NBA Comparison: Jalen Rose

Strengths: Roy is a no nonsense 2-guard with excellent all around skills ... Very cerebral player, makes excellent decisions. Understands the game ... Very polished, great experience with four years at Washington under his belt ... An excellent shooter who steps up in big situations. Hit a number of huge shots at the end of games this year ... Has worked hard on his outside shot which has improved each year ... Great competitor ... Excellent ball handler with the ability to create shots for himself and others ... His midrange game is relatively impressive and his range has really improved this year ... Really stepped up in his senior year assuming a leadership role and taking over as the go to player for the Huskies ... Has spent time at the point guard position this year, and played admirably ... Not afraid to take the ball inside. Utilizes the spin move in the paint well ... Good free throw shooter at 81% ... Has great composure and confidence. Never gets rattled ... Good one on one skills with the ability to shoot off the dribble and get by his man to the basket ...

Weaknesses: Does everything very well but nothing out of this world ... On the small side. Lacks tremendous size and length at just 6-5 and average wing span ... A good athlete, but nothing extraordinary. Not a great leaper or thunderous dunker ... Lacks great body strength. His body is solid but not overpowering ... Foot speed and quickness is strong but wont stand out on the next level ... Defensively he is just average giving solid effort, but lacks the foot speed to be a lock down defender ...

Notes: Was named 2005-06 Pac-Ten Player of the year.

Marcus Williams

NBA Comparison: Deron Williams

Strengths: Williams has improved tremendously since his freshman year when he veraged 9.6 points, 3.8 rebounds, and 7.8 assists in 31 minutes/game ... He has a great "feel" for the game, something he didn't show freshman year ... A tremendous passer who led the entire nation in assists per game at 8.1 ... He controls the tempo of the game as well as any guard in the Big East ... He displays a good right hand, finishing fairly well on drives with it, though he is naturally left-handed ... His three-point shooting percentage rose over 20% last season to a respectable 40% ... He's a threat from the outside now which allows him to penetrate and dish or finish more often ... When big men challenge him in the paint, he uses a crafty floater/tear drop type of shot that he has really perfected ... He is practically unstoppable in the open court because his decision making is so quick and precise ... Whether it is pulling up for the jumper if his man plays off him or hitting a wing player filling the lane, Williams makes the appropriate decision ... He has a killer crossover that he uses to get by his man on the perimeter and is athletic, getting good lift on his jumper ... Defensively he does a good job staying in front of his man and limiting drives, he averages 1.1 stl/game …Williams was productive as a freshman where he average 4.3/game assists in only 14 minutes/game.
Weaknesses: One of the main things Williams needs to work on is his turnovers ... Though he makes the right decision on the break, oftentimes he turns the ball over after drive in the lane while trying to feed teammates ... Actually needs to be more selfish at times, especially late in games when teammates are struggling ... Some of the bigger concerns with Williams is his off the court behavior. He only played in 16 games as a freshmen for failing to qualify academically and missed playing in UConn's championship run. Also, more recently, Williams and fellow UConn guard A.J. Price allegedly stole 10 laptop computers from UConn dorm rooms. There could be serious repercussions from such allegations ... Williams needs to keep his focus on basketball if he is going to continue to become the star player that he showed the potential to become last season.

Outlook: In terms of draft potential, NBA personnel always look for red flags and Williams already has two to his name. Unfortunately, that may hurt his stock in the long run and it won't have anything to do with his ability to play basketball ... Williams missed a lay-up that would have tied Notre Dame in a late season Big East battle and his confidence took a hit ... He played all right through the rest of the year, but didn't seem to have the same swagger. It will be interesting to see if he regains his confidence next season ... Williams improved so much from his freshmen year and had such success as a sophomore that it seems certain he will be the class of the Big East as a junior ... Look for his scoring to increase with Charlie Villaneuva out of the mix next season. Also, don't be surprised to see his assists sky rocket with veteran wing players Denham Brown and Rashad Anderson as well as super sophomore (to be) Rudy Gay and big man Josh Boone down low.... His game will actually remind people of former Huskie Khalid El-Amin. The major difference? Williams actually has the size and potential to get drafted in the first round and make an impact on the next level.

Rodney Carney

NBA Comparison: Richard Jefferson

Strengths: Highlight reel waiting to happen ... One of the most athletic players in all of college basketball … Jump shot has improved ... Big upside… Long and lean … Very versatile… Great elevation on jumper which is nearly impossible to block… Confident… Good poise … Pesky defender … Blankets defenders with his long arms and quick feet… Anticipates well and plays the passing lanes for steals ... Really gets up and grabs rebounds … Excellent speed and quickness …

Weaknesses: Needs to add strength, put time in the weight room and bulk up some ... Can be prone to taking bad shots at times … Forces shots … Must become better at handling the ball and creating offense for himself ... Settles with the outside shot instead of trying to get something easier … Lacks great vision and passing ability ... Needs to shoot with more consistency… Can be too reliant on his athleticism ... Needs to get a little tougher on the court ... Too right hand dependent, needs to become better at handling with his left hand ...

Notes: Indiana State high jump champion in high school clearing 6-feet-11 ... His mother, DeAndra Ware, was the state champion in Indiana High School track and field and held the world record in the 60-yard dash ... Brother of former Tennessee star Ron Slay ...

Cedric Simmons

NBA Comparison: Nene

Strengths: Talented bigman with great length and fluidity ... Tremendous shot blocker due to his huge wingspan (7'4") and quick leaping ability ... Disruptive and active defensively ... Has the size to play center and power forward on the next level ... Uses back to the basket post moves and is showing great progress in his ability to score posting up ... Has developed an effective jump hook ... Displays solid toughness inside. Does not shy away from contact ... Plays hard, good energy ... Terrific rebounder due to his long arms and leaping ability ... Has great hands ... Very fast in the open court, great transition player ... Tremendous feet, his foot speed allows him to rebound out of position and cover a lot of ground defensively ... His body is on it's way. When he adds another 10-15 pounds, he's going to be very tough to contend with inside ... Attacks the basket well ... Has good touch around the basket ... Solid free throw shooter who showed great improvement from his freshman year ... Still very raw, but has great upside and a willingness to work hard to improve ... Vision and passing skills are above average for a post ...

Weaknesses: Still developing offensively ... Lacks great range and a consistent jump shot from any distance ... Offensive game is still a work in progress ... Shows excellent flashes, but lacks any real go-to moves ... Strength is not a major issue, but he should get stronger to become more effective inside on the next level ... Consistency will improve with experience ... Not a great ball handler. Lacks a real face the basket game, but has the shooting touch to add 12-15 foot jumpshot ... His court sense and feel for the game can improve ...


It could be a very good draft this year and they should be good in the future. Some players have impressed me a lot this year at the college level. Those are:
Rudy Gay
JJ Reddick
Cedric Simmons
Marcus Williams
There are also other that i have not mentioned yet these four could be very good and have potential in the NBA.


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Well I have seen a lot of games of J.J Reddick in the last four years, and the guy is the best shooter in the country and he barely misses free throws, but a lot of people say that he wouldn't be able to shoot like this in the NBA Level, some say that in the college level it was very easy for him to find is shot, but they say that he wouldn't be able to do the same in the NBA Level, which I agree on some level, but if he has a good point guard, then he'll be able to find is shot. Also I saw a lot of games from Marcus Williams and he's a very capable person that can run an NBA team at the point guard position.


I think JJ Reddick will be able to play at the NBA level, he will need to be very good at moving without the ball and finding opening and as you said Marcus Williams has good potential.


F$#* JJ Reddick. I went to a couple of duke games in my day since I live in NC (I'm a Big East fan though). He's massively overrated for the NBA. Don't get me wrong he's a great college player...he'll never be more than a slightly worse Brent Barry or Mike Miller. Just a guy who can shoot from the outside. Granted, EVERY team needs a guy like Reddick coming off the bench (Steve Kerr is still god) but he'll never be more than that. He's not big enough to be a powerful consistant shooting guard in the NBA. Duke's plays for him are executed perfectly...but those plays would never work in the NBA cause it's a different style of play. He's the best fundamental offensive player in College period...but it won't translate into a hall of famer in the NBA.


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I would love to have a Mike Miller on my team, he's an amazing player that can come off the bench and give you instant offence, and yes I agree that Reddick will probably be a player that comes of the bench, but he also will give you instant offence, the guy barely misses. But I would disagree that he's overrated because he's not even ranked in the top 15 players in the country for this upcoming draft.