Top 10 Managers


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I was going to make a manager thread earlier today but I forgot, but then I went to 411Mania and what are the odds they have an article of top ten managers of all time.

Here's the list: Wrestling - The Contentious Ten 04.26.10: Top 10 Managers

What are your thoughts? If you disagree with number one then there's something wrong with you lol.

Now this is a two part thread, here's the second part.

Why don't you thing there's no managers anymore? It would save wrestlers like Shelton Benjamin. They were such a big part of wrestling back in the 80's and 90's. Now they're very rare. I think it's a shame because managers are awesome and were great for the wrestling.

I wish they would bring them back, and I'm not talking managers like Sharmell.


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I pretty much agree with everything on that list especially number 1. But I really think that Bobby Heenan is the greatest manager of all time by a very heavy margin. The reason they dont have managers anymore is the reason why they cant come up with Wrestling gimmicks anymore...the writters are terrible and cant find a way to make a Manager look good anymore.


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Heenan is the easiest one to pick out of all of these. I think someone like Jim Cornette or Mr Fuji could be added but for the most part I liked the list.

I miss managers. They just added something to the matches...a different variable. Because of them you always thought there was a chance the heel would cheat to win. It worked, I thought.


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Everyone on that list made sense. Like Millz said, its a shame managers are gone. The mystique of their presence made it so you had no idea who would win. Mr. Fuji should have been in there, too.