Top 10 Kurt Angle Matches


Sultan of Swat
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If you want too watch some great entertainment then I suggest to watch these. Wrestling - The Contentious Ten 08.16.10: Top 10 Kurt Angle Matches

I honestly believe that Shane vs Angle at KOTR deserves to be there, but I understand why it's not there.

The HBK vs Angle match that is listed number one is a heck of a match and I agree that it belongs up there.

One match that I believe belongs to be higher is the match against Brock Lesnar. I thought it was outstanding filled with amazing spots. I know Brock screwed up on the Five Star Press, but that shouldn't take anything away from the beautiful match they had with each other.



I ♥ Haters
This is a good list, but I find it difficult to rank any of Kurt Angle's matches. They're in a league of their own. He's a gifted wrestler and he always brings his A-game. So, just about any and every Kurt Angle match is a win in my book.


Flawless Victory
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Really cool to see Lockdown 2010 on the list; Millz and I were at the event, and it was definitely a great match.

I wish some of his TNA work would have made the higher ranks...him vs. Joe deserved that prominence, and him vs. Wolfe deserved a much higher spot on the list.