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Top 10 favorite animes and least 5.

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Everything goes.
No order:
-Death Note
-Ninja Scroll

-New Byousoku 5 cm
-Final Fantasy Advent Children [if it counts...some say yes...some say no]
-Sword of the Stranger

not so much like [no particular order
-Sentou Yousei Yukikaze
-Black Lagoon
-This one I refuse to mention...I will be chastised for life


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No order:

-Code Geass
-Death Note
-One piece

I would say that Code Geass was just epic to me, still remember it. Great story.


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My top animes are

1. Code Geass R2
2. Code Geass
3. Daughter of 20 Faces
4. Bleach
5. Naruto Shippuden
6. One Piece
7. Aishiteruze Baby
8. Rozen Maiden
9. Rozen Maiden Traumend
10. Itazura na Kiss


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10 animes i love:
ai youri aoshi, air,code geass,d gray man,escaflowne,fruits basket,katekyo hitman reborn, neon genesis evangelion, romeo x juliet, school rumble, tengen toppa gurren legann.


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Now that it's been two years since I last posted in this topic, I think it's time to update. I have seen a few more anime since then, and I have actually changed my number one anime.

I don't remember exactly what my post was back then, but I'm sure it was different from this. XD

1. One Piece
2. Trigun
3. Fullmetal Alchemist
4. Ouran High School Host Club
5. Death Note
6. Code Geass
7. Dragon Ball (just the original, not Z and GT)
8. Monster
9. Nodame Cantabile
10. Ranma 1/2

I know that One Piece probably wasn't on the list at all, because even though I had seen a hundred or so episodes back then I simply did not realize how amazing the series really is.

There's a reason it's #1 in Japan.

Anyways the least favorite 5?

1. Bo-bo-bo...etc...
3. Naruto

Don't have a 4 or 5. Unless you want me to count other anime I've seen that I don't consider terrible but didn't make it on my top 10 list. If so, here you go:

4. Inuyasha
5. Bleach
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