Top 10 bad things that are good for you.

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    Top 10 bad things that are good for us

    I have to disagree with number one, I don't see how safe sex is bad for us.

    I didn't know about 10 - 7, but the rest don't really surprise me. I was kind of shocked that there were even tests done with LSD? I didn't think research was able to happen with illegal drugs?
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  2. Major

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    Unwanted pregnancy, STD's, addiction, among other reasons.

    #4 on the list doesn't surprise me at all. Marijuana has a lot of medicinal benefits and I'm sure there are a lot more waiting to be discovered whenever the research restrictions are lifted.
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    what kind of website is this?
    doctors encourage all of us to drink 1 bottle of wine a day to help us clean up our blood.

    and sex? howcome it's not healthy when has been said quite the opposite.

    no way.
  4. Major

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    I think you misunderstood the concept of it being a list of bad things that are good for you. A lot of the things on the list I think would be better classified the other way around. Good things that can be bad for you.
  5. viLky

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    10 - In moderation, and as long as long as you don't get drunk off it... Well, on second thought how much yeast and fat is in one can? Hmm... Wine might be the better alternative.

    9 - I actually think they are misleading with anger being "good for you". The releasing of anger in a matter such as punching a punching bag or kicking a punchbag is good for you. Venting that anger out instead of bottling it up. Anger isn't good for you, releasing that anger in a productive, non-threatening-to-others manner is.

    8 - Stains your teeth, so I personally stay away from it.

    7 - No comment.

    6 - The sun only became "bad" in recent years due to all these scare tactics about how you should avoid the sun, it's a death ray that will cause cancer and you'll die. In moderation it's fine. With that, you should still wear sunblock.

    Nothing like laying out in your back yard getting some sun.

    5 - Cool.

    4 -
    Pot goes back and forth just like eggs. One day they are bad for you, the next they are great. When are they going to join us in the present day and realize that inhaling a huge puff of smoke each huff isn't good for you. Just because it's less damaging than cigarettes doesn't mean it causes no damage at all.

    While I do see the benefits of pot, and the reason I'm being so hard on them and people who support it is because they don't talk about the dark side of pot. Give us the doom and gloom of pot instead of making it appear to be a wonder drug with no side effects.

    3 - Agreed. In moderation, and don't get drunk!

    2 - K. Good to know. Yum!

    1 -
    So is murdering people. You get my point, right? Many activities can be considered healthy, it doesn't mean you should do them as your primary choice, or at all.

    And this stuff is REAL bad. Promoting alcohol, promiscuous sex, drug abuse. I was thinking it would be bad as in mixing citrus and cheese is somehow good for you, not this sinful stuff. :eek:
  6. NINnerd

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    The list didn't say "safe" sex, though. But I'm sure that it's implied that for it to be a "good thing" for you, it needs to be safe sex.

    You can test with illegal drugs, yes. But they have to be approved experiments.
  7. Bliss

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    Sex and chocolate yay! Now we don't have to answer the question:
    "Which is better sex or chocolate?"
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  8. Major

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    That's not entirely true. Being classified as a schedule I drug, marijuana is almost impossible for researchers to test.

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