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Top 10 2nd Baseman Ever With Altuve Note


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Let's just dive right in. There will be no Jackie Robinson so don't get your hopes up. These are stats people, not heartstrings.

1. Rogers Hornsby
.358 career avg, need I say more? .434 OBP, .577 slugging. 301 HR's, 541 doubles, 2900+ hits, 1.010 OPS, 4712 Total Bases. 2 MVP's 1 ring

2. Eddie Collins
.333 career avg, .424 OBP, 438 doubles, 3300+ hits, a record 512 sacrifice hits, 741 stolen bases. 1 MVP 4 WS Titles. .328 WS avg

3. Nap Lajoie
.338 career avg, .380 OBP, 657 doubles, 3200+ hits, 380 stolen bases, 4472 Total Bases

4. Frankie Frisch
.316 career avg, .369 OBP, 466 doubles, 2800+ hits, 419 stolen bases, 1 MVP 4 rings, .294 WS avg

5. Joe Morgan
.271 career avg, .392 OBP, 449 doubles, 268 HR's, 2500+ hits, 689 stolen bases, 1865 walks, 4 GG's, 2 MVP's 2 rings

6. Rod Carew
.328 avg, .393 OBP, 445 doubles, 3000+ hits, 353 stolen bases, ROY, 1 MVP, 18 ASG's 0 GG's

7. Roberto Alomar
.300 avg, .371 OBP, 210 HR's, 504 doubles, 2700+ hits, 474 stolen bases, 10 GG's 2 rings, .313 postseason avg

8. Johnny Evers
The 2nd Baseman in the greatest double play trio EVER. .270 avg, .356 OBP, 3 WS Titles, 1 MVP. .316 WS avg,

9. Charlie Gehringer
.320 avg, .404 OBP, 574 doubles, 2800+ hits, 184 HR's, 1 Ring, 1 MVP, .321 WS avg

10. Nellie Fox
.288 avg, .384 OBP, 2600+ hits, .375 avg in 1959 WS.

Altuve in my mind if he continues his assault will be the 5th best 2nd baseman ever when it is all said and done. Let the debate begin. Switching up Gehringer for Alomar making him 7th and Alomar 9th might work.


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Ryne Sandberg needs a mention.
.285/.344/.452; 282 HR; 1x MVP; 9x Gold Glover; best defensive 2B ever


Sultan of Swat
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1. Hornsby
2. Lajoie
3. Collins
4. Gehringer
5. Robinson
6. Morgan
7. Frisch
8. Alomar
9. Gordon
10. Biggio
Robinson Cano is quickly approaching the elites. He would reach the top five way before Altuve, whose overall defense is average at best and has not sustained a long enough peak to garner consideration as an elite. This is his first Hall of Fame year


The return shall be legenday!
1. Roger Hornsby..Best right handed hitter of alltime
2. Eddie Collins.....Argument for being number 1
3. Nap Lajoie......Totally underrated
4. Joe Morgan...He had a nice career war and amazing peak. Great OBP guy
5. Charlie Gehringer.....Very good career
6. Jackie Robinson....He probably should be higher because he missed time to the war and integration. Had a very good peak.
7. Frankie Frisch......Very good but his era helped him alot too.
8. Roberto Alomar....Had a strong career
9. Craig Biggio....Beats Sanberg because of longivity
10. Ryne Sanberg......Good but not as good as rest on this list.


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Joe Gordon is not a HOFamer in my mind. Biggio did not play a full career at 2nd. Carew hit nearly .330 in his career. Robinson just is not good enough to make this list. We are going for stats not heartstrings. We have hopefully all heard of Tinker to Evers to Chance? Evers is a shoe in for top 10 based on that alone. Sandberg isn't even the best 2nd baseman in his teams history. Frisch played in the same era as Hornsby. Don't know how that is a minus for Frisch.


Sultan of Swat
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Gordon was a tremendous defensive player, very flashy. He was an eight time all-star. Career slash line of .268/.357/.466

His career was interrupted by War. Yes, I may be overrating him a bit, but I think his defense was so tremendous that I rank him pretty high.

Also, Carew went to first base mid-way of his career - which is why I don't have him rank.


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Jackie Robinson created more value for his team in only 10 years than Evers or Fox did in almost twice that, and he only missed playing more because of racism, not injury or inability. You don't need sentimentality to list him in the top 10. Even if you don't give him any credit for missed time, he's better than Evers or Fox.

I'm sorry, if you are going to argue "no heartstrings" (which you should), I'm going to argue point out that a poem is basically just heartstrings. Unless you're going to start ranking Mighty Casey.

Also, Biggio certainly isn't going to be listed as a Catcher or Outfielder. He's a 2nd baseman. It's not fair to punish him for being able to play other positions. If anything, it's a credit to him.


Sultan of Swat
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Wade8813 said:
Also, Biggio certainly isn't going to be listed as a Catcher or Outfielder. He's a 2nd baseman. It's not fair to punish him for being able to play other positions. If anything, it's a credit to him.
Totally agree. I told him why is it okay to "punish" Biggio for playing other positions earlier in his career when he listed Carew in his top ten. A player that switched to first base mid-way through his career.


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Evers was the leader of what many think is the greatest teams ever. The savviest player in major league history in my mind, he led the Braves to the biggest upset in Sports history in 1914. Robinson played 10 years. Yes, we know why he didn't play more season but he only played 10 years. I say once again, you don't say Reese to Robinson to Hodges, you say Tinker to Evers to Chance. You wanna attack Carew sure, go ahead. Don't fault Evers though because you don't know what he really meant to that Great Cubs team. If it was not for Evers and his knowledge of the game, there is no Merkle's Boner.