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Of course every dentist should be telling their patients to make sure and get a new toothbrush.

First how often do you believe that should be? Second do you really believe that what kind of bristles makes a difference?

Third do you always buy yourself a spare for those just in case reasons?


Well-Known Member
I once went for like 10-12 months with the same toothbrush. It was sort of trashed by the time I was done with it. Doesn't matter, it was still doing it's job well. I only got rid of it because the handle cracked.

I'm probably about due for a new toothbrush. I have like 5 extras in my drawer so I can just choose to get one whenever I want. I don't have dental health issues so I don't think about it a whole lot.


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I usually change my toothbrush every 3 months. I have a rent inspection every 3 months so change my toothbrush around the same time I have the inspection.

I also buy toothbrushes in packs of 3 or 5, so I always have spares.


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I use mine until they're near bald and dead. I don't tend to think about the quality of the bristles or anything like that. I just use and abuse 'em, then discard them for a newer model. :D


Free Spirit
Staff member
Your suppose to change them every 3 months or after you have been sick.

Now having said that I change them when I feel like I need to, usually when they start to get worn. Once worn they won't clean your teeth as well.


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I change toothbrushes every three months as well, just out of habit, not cause there's something wrong with it.
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