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Does anyone label their toothbrush? What is your favorite toothbrush brand?

I should have labeled mines or marked it or something. We have guests at my house and one of the guest has the same toothbrush as me. Same color, same size and I don't know which ones is mines so I opened up a new one and labeled it just in case.

My favorite toothbrush brand is colgate. The one i have is the one with the bumpy rubber side behind the bristles. Its suppose to do something in your mouth or something.


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I have never labelled mine. Usually at my parents everyone has different coloured brushes so we always know what toothbrush belongs to who. In my flat that I share with 4 other people, everyone has their own bathroom so there is no need to label out toothbrushes.

I would have to say that my favourite brand of toothbrush is colgate aswell.


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I don't label mine, there's no need to as I keep mine seperate from the rest of the family....I'm weird like that.

My favourite brand is Aquafresh but I'm not too fussy when it comes to brands of toothbrush, they're all very similar in design and quality.
I don't even know what brand mine is. I don't label it because nobody else uses the same bathroom, but there are a load of random toothbrushes in the same holder that nobody uses anymore. I think my brother used to use one to clean his football boots or something :lol: but I'm pretty sure I keep good track of which is for what.


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I've never labeled my toothbrush, I always keep close tabs on it anyway, and I make a point to never have the same one as someone else. :p

I don't really have a favorite brand, I just buy whatever toothbrush and use it.


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Nah, I don't label mine because I have my own bathroom that goes from my room into a new area of the house.


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No, I don't label mine because I hate to keep my toothbrush with the others in the bathroom...It kinda bugs me that they could touch together in the jar thingy we keep them in. And even if I did, I'd just make sure I bought a different color to the rest of them. No, I don't have a favorite brand.
Different colours probably count as labels, I'm the only with a lime green toothbrush. I used to have Aquafresh but brands don't matter.


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I use the toothbrush I get from the dentists office everytime I get a teeth cleaning. I think its an Oral B but I can't swear to it. I just know its orange right now and I like the colgate winterfresh gel. I'm the only one with the toothbrush so I don't have any issues of confusion. The dogs have not evolved enough to brush their teeth.