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Has anyone got a collection of tools? For what do you work on with you tools?

I have a modest collection of tools. My parents got me a nice tool box for christmas, and I have filled it up all on my own. All my tools are for auto work whether its repairing a lawnmower, doing an oil change, or just tinkering.

I have all of the basic ratchets and sockets to go with it, some channel locks, a nice selection of pliers, SAE/Metric Allen key set,

And fuck I can't remember the rest for the life of me.


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Yes, I have a big roll away tool chest and a bunch of tools, standard & metric. I don't like to use them but they are handy. The most annoying thing about them is the neighbor that frequently wants to borrow them.


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Ok, don't laugh, but yes I have tools. A lady has to have the basics: screwdriver, hammer, pliers, wrench, tape measure (is that a tool?)- anyway, but all of my tools are decorated in pink flowers :) Yep, they are real tools, but "lady tools". They are cute as can be and do they get their jobs done!


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I don't myself because I'm not interested in doing mechanic stuff, but my father is a machinist/mechanic and he has all the tools you can think of. It's incredible how many tools he as. If I ever need to get my car fix I just go to his garage and he'll me and brother. He also has hoist in his garage which is very convenient.


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I have a very mediocre set of tools but they are mostly tools for computers such as basic screw drivers and a volt meter, I don't own a hammer or a saw or anything... I really should buy a saw so I can be manly and saw a plank of wood in half as it is very manly thing to do :)


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Yes, I have tools like a cordless drill, hammer drill, screwdriver, table saw and many more and I collected all tools form green machinery.


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So many tools, so little time. I have tools I carry with me everyday. I have more tools in my work backpack for taking apart computers and such.

I have tools for working on the house, woodwork, plumbing, electrical, etc. I have my dad's radial arm saw.

I have lots of gardening tools including a chain saw, hedge trimmers, etc.

Hmm, a set of lockpicks, a couple of soldering irons, a propane torch, a mini-torch. . . .


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I don't have a collection of tools. But when I need a hammer or a screw driver, I borrow them from my dad, who has a large collection of tools.