Too much chocolate


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Whats the limit you guys can eat of chocolate before you start feeling sicK? I ask because I've just had half a bar of Cadbury's caramel and regular dairy milk, and washed it all down with milk. :urp:

I'm a chocolate addict!:D


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Depends on the chocolate. I don't particularly care for the milk chocolate because it is too sweet. I like the dark chocolate preferably and can eat more of that than I ever could of the mild chocolate. I always have to have milk to offset the chocolate or just eat a very minute amount.


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I realy don't like chocolate, I think I have a piece once or twice a year. I'd rather have an apple or something like that.

I'm not big on candy..


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i absoloutly love chocolate!!!

my threshold is very high haha, and washing it down with milk is great!
i would say maybe 2 bars of choc, but as blue eyes has said it depends on the chocolate


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Probably one big bar of Galaxy or Milkybar would be enough for me. It gets very sickly after a while.
I really miss Galaxy chocolate from when i lived over in England, and i can't get my hands on it over here in NZ. You mentioning it makes me crave it even more....:(


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I don't know how much chocolate would make me physically sick as I've never had that much before.

I'd guess that probably 2 or 3 Crunch bars would do it for me though and I'd probably be sick.

I'm not much of a candy eater though, being an athlete I realize that I shouldn't eat those things so I hardly ever do.