Too fat to work!

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by Bananas, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Bananas

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    Family who are 'too fat to work' say £22,000 worth of benefits is not enough - Telegraph

    So is being too fat a disability that prevents you from working? and the rise in obesity should be concerning us all?


    .... are these people just fat & lazy in seeing a way to exploit the benefits of a welfare system?

    What realy makes my blood boil is this statement;
    Why do they expect to deserve more? They get a sufficient amount of handouts to cover the bills and put food on the table, why is that not enough!:mad:

    **£22k is about $30,000

  2. EndWinterRomance

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    this reminds me of the episode of the simpsons where homer gets tired of the company's exercise program so he finds out he can work from home if he weighs over like 400 pounds or something. he gains a ton of weight so that he can be more lazy then he is...... these people sound like that.

    while having a larger build can be genetic, being morbidly obese is not. it disgusts me that these people can sit around all day eating and watching tv or whatever and get paid for it. where's my 30 grand a year?! i didnt get a chance to read the article yet but do they leave the house at all? if they can leave the house at all any day then they can get a job. hell shove a computer next to their bed and they could work online. its impossible to say that they cannot work at all period.

    shit i think we should just pay for them to get liposuction then they can pay back all of the money they stole over the last however long they've been paid to be fat.
  3. Nibbles

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    $30 000 isn't enough for the amount of food they eat. They could atleast cut back and try to change their lifestyle to be acceptable for a decent job.
  4. Iris

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    This really makes me mad. I don't think they deserve more at all. I think that our country should be concerned with the rising obesity, it's getting really bad. People need to get off of their fat asses and run. I know it's hard, losing weight sucks. But damn it, that doesn't give you the right to do that.
  5. ysabel

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    The kids seem to be looking for jobs. It's just the parents who are on income support and incapacity benefit. Is that really for obesity? Or for something that is related to obesity like the epilepsy and asthma case of Mrs. Chawner and diabetes of Mr. Chawner?

    The statements that made me "seriously?" are these:

    On eating bacon, pies and chips:

    On exercise:

  6. Xeilo

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    That is really stupid, they get all that for being fat, and they still demand more. I hope they make the people do something in return for the handouts they are getting.
  7. Bananas

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    The incapacity benefits are for the asthma, epilepsy and diabetes, I dont think you can actually get it for being fat. Even so, those should not rule you out of working altogether, there are jobs we are all able to do. You just get the impression that these people are going out of their way to avoid work whilst having the cheek to complain about the lack of income support they receive. The European welfare model is the best in the world, if they were in any other countinent they would still be fat(its the genes remember:rolleyes:) but they would also be homeless and hungry.

    Put in perspective; Im an FT undergraduate student and I get about £3k a year in benefit, if I was unemployed I would recieve about £4k a year income support. These people get £22k/4=£5.5k a year, plus they are in housing association and they want more because they think they are discriminated against because they are fat, well yes they are discriminated against, I would not want to employ them! If they cant maintain their bodies then they cant maintain a job. They can look for jobs as much as they like but unless they identify why they are failing (which they have done in being fat and selling their story!!!) then they cant realy pass the responsibility onto social perceptions. To use the words of another thread here, they cant have their cake and eat it too!!! (I think we know which option they choose;)).

    On the same story it appears the one daughter was on X-factor: Link <<<more mindless dribble form them as well
  8. ysabel

    ysabel /ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5

    I got the impression from the article that they get disability allowance (for the asthma, epilepsy and diabetes) on top of the income support and incapacity benefit that they get. That's why I'm curious what is the "incapacity" for unless they're given by two different agencies and they're paid twice for the same thing.

    Oh and get the complain angle. I'm thankful for what I get right now. I never thought "oh sheesh this isn't enough". In the first place they're just meant to help you a bit, not entirely shoulder your living expenses.
  9. Stab-o-Matic5000

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    Funny, when I was a child my parents said that having bacon, pies, and chips all the time would be too expensive for our family to afford. (I grew up poor, by the way.)

    They can eat less and save money in the process, nobody is 336 pounds because of genetics. Glandular problems with weight are a real thing, but once you're past 300 that's because of overeating, and not because of genetics.
  10. Merc

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    There are certainly genetic problems that can lead to obesity. But this family needs a gym membership to start out with. I'm getting really bothered at how our world is beginning to treat fat people like the handicapped.

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