Movies Tony Curtis dies at 85


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I wasn't a fan of his either, in fact, I don't think I ever watched a film he was in.
I did however, enjoy seeing his daughter in films....Jamie Lee Curtis.....I think she's great!


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I've been watching (and hearing) a lot of tributes to Tony Curtis today, most of them mentioning Some Like it Hot and The Defiant Ones, but the guy starred in something like fifty movies. I'm surprised no one has mentioned The Boston Strangler, one of his best performances. I've seen him in so many I couldn't begin to count them all. A wonderful actor, with great comedic timing, and an accent that wouldn't go away ("Yonda lies da castle of my faddah").

Golden days...


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i am a big fan of tony curtis , over years, i probably see all of his movies, i enjoyed them ! one movie , i recommend of his comedy movies, that members never seen, one of my favorite movie! it is called " the great race " starring him, jack lemmon, peter falk and natatlie wood !