Tony Blair Killed


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Ok, he wasn't killed but we came very close to seeing "Tony Blair Killed" on headlines around the world.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair ALMOST got killed today. It would have been an accident as well but considering the circumstances it could have caused some HUGE problems.

Luckily a very unfortunate tragedy was avoided. - Tony Blair's Jet Comes Within Minutes of Being Shot Down by Israeli Fighter Planes - International News | News of the World | Middle East News | Europe News
That could have been very, very bad. If his plane had been shot down, I can only imagine what sort of reactions people may have had no matter how accidental it may have been.

It sounds like the official word as of now is that his plane's radio transceiver may have been faulty? Hell of a time for communication system failure.


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It would be a Middle-Eastern country, wouldn't it? Of all the people you wouldn't want to kill it'd be Tony Blair. Good show, silly Israelis.


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Talk about your misleading thread titles, damn! But glad to hear he really isn't dead.
I figured the thread might get more interesting replies if everybody had a chance for a half a second to think to themselves "OMG".

But yeah this would have bee a HUGE problem. It's very good that it was avoided. Worst time ever for radio equipment to malfunction.

The article said that the pilot didn't even tell Tony Blair about the situation. I guess he figured there's nothing he could have done and it would have wasted valuable time.


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Aww bollocks, they should have shot it down anyway. Finally get rid of the bastard.

Then they could work on their next target, Gordon Brown.
Uh.. "within minutes" of being shot down? .."Heard about it from the media afterwards"? Some pretty fancy reporting going on here, imo.