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Tonight you will loose I am afraid


aka ginger warlock
As we all know winners and losers are pre-determined before a match goes out and I would like to think for the most part people in the business appriciate thie and understand that this is how things go but do you think wrestlers do?

I cannot be easy to go into a match knowing you are going to loose, its got to be like going into work and knowing no matter how hard you work, no matter how hard you try you will never get a raise and never get a promotion.

Now I am sure that in the business it is seen as paying you dues and in a way if you are willing to do this it may help you because it shows you are prepaired to work hard but if you are someone who never gets the push you have to wonder why you would stay, what are your thoughts on this?


Haters gonna hate.
Especially when it comes to the WWE, people are just happy to be there and be involved. It doesn't take much more to make the superstars happy. Yes, they want the pay raise, and yes they want the championships, but those only happen to a select few. It's only logical to know that in a business such as this, you need to know that when you lose, its for the benefit of the story being told to the audience. It's not like you are paid less when you lose or anything like that.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Work hard, accept what is given to you, don't complain unless you really need too and you'll eventually get yours. There so many examples of that, but the biggest one in the last few years is The Miz. He didn't do much when he first started, but he worked his butt off, got better, did everything Vince and company asked him to do, and that included a lot of losing of matches at first, but at the end of the day he raised the WWE Title and he's a main event star.

Losing is not fun, trust me on that, but these wrestlers make a ton of money and some are luckier than other others when it comes to winning matches. Knowing beforehand must suck even more, but you're out there to entertain the WWE Universe, and you have to do your best to do so, and eventually, doesn't always happen, you'll get rewarded for your hard work.


Where is my Queen?
It's not like they go in there with a mind set that this is a competition. You only really lose if you start getting buried or get released. It's part of the job when they sign the contract. For example the Goldberg being undefeated in WCW was growing stale, and the way it ended was even worse. I am sure that Goldberg would of rather lose to an up and coming star instead of a has been. Losing is a requirment and I am sure that there are a lot of established stars that like to put others over as long as they put on a good show.